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My Name is Jeanna Toninato and I am from International Falls, MN. I am an English teacher at Falls High School. I teach 7th, 9th, 11th grade, and Advanced Placement Literature and Composition. This will be my fifth year teaching. This is also be my first year teaching 7th grade. I'm really looking forward to the new challenge. I received my Teaching Communication, Arts, and Literature degree at The University of Minnesota, Duluth. I am now getting my Masters of Arts in Teaching through Bemidji State University. It is a fully online degree program, so I can live and teach in International Falls and still go to school online. I will be done with grad school this coming summer. I am currently working on my Capstone project researching strategies that motivate students to connect with the text and to improve reading comprehension.

Besides teaching and getting my Masters this past year, I was also planning my wedding. I married the love of my life on August 12th. We had the perfect day surrounded my all our friends and family and our rescue puppy, Ralph. My new last name is Rudolph (yes, like the reindeer), but for this class, I will still be going by my maiden name. We just bought a house last November, so I have been slowly making it into our home. Currently I am painting the entire upper level. When I get a free minute, I love to be on Rainy Lake with my husband. We love to fish and be on the water (I always like to take a book with me when the fishing is slow). I also like to try new things. Last year, for my WeblogsAndWikis class, I created a cooking blog and it has started a new hobby for me. I like to pick one new recipe a week and my husband and I cook it together. I have never been a good cook, but I really enjoy cooking with someone else. If anyone has a recipe they love, I would love any new suggestions.


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