Jamie Platt

Hello. My name is Jamie Platt. I have been married for six years and five weeks ago my husband and I just welcomed our first child, a boy. Currently, he is snuggled up against my chest in one of those baby wearing carriers because he is refusing to sleep in his bed, despite the efforts of his parents. Such is the life of parenthood and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Really. We also have two labradors that have adjusted quite well to having a new baby brother that demands so much time.

I graduated from Anoka Ramsey last spring with an AA in Creative Writing. I would love to be a famous author and drive a chrome yellow exotic car. Just kidding. It would be a Mustang like Eleanor. Now I am working towards teaching high school English. Maybe I will publish a book some day, maybe I won't. I love reading and writing and can't think of a better way for me to contribute to society than to share my passion with future generations through teaching.

What I Usually Do For Fun

Assignments and Exercises

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