Intro to Presentational Enthymemes

Three exercises in notes and note-taking

Return to your notes on chapter 3 and develop your notes on on Enthymeme and Presentational Enthymemes, pp 54 - 70, by doing the following exercises in the appropriate places in your notes.

  1. Paraphrase Longaker's explanation of how the enthymeme works, adding your own invented examples or examples you encounter in media or elsewhere.
  1. Make a note on the difference between artistic pisteis and inartistic pisteis (pp 48-9): paraphrase the difference rather than repeat Longaker.
  1. Longaker gives a concise explanation of how presentational enthymemes make an argument on p 57, then follows that with a detailed analysis of an example. Try your hand at analyzing the presentational enthymeme on this page. Follow the example of analysis that Longaker presents on pp 58-62.

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