How Bloggers Use Links Exercise

Part One

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The Oatmeal was founded in 2009 after Matthew Innman decided to take his Mingle2 page and combine it with his original blog, The Oat.Since then, the Oatmeal has been dedicated to comics, quizzes, Innman's personal blog, and, more recently, Innman's published works, all of which are created by Innman and only Innman. With his first blogpost being about the positive side of having man nipples, the one-frame comic being of a man portrayed as cleaning the gutters with his nipples, Innman's most recents posts have been more toward advertising. Whether it be posting the dates and locations for his book tour or selling this popcorn concoction including Sriracha Hot Sauce, lately his blogposts have been about selling things or getting visitors to his site to pay money.

There are three main sphericules the Oatmeal blog could be apart of. The multiple posts focused on getting viewers to donate to the construction of a Tesla museum, would put it in the realm of scientist supporters, museum enthusiasts, or Tesla maniacs. Also, there is a repeated theme toward the love of Sriracha hot sauce and the theme of dry, sarcastic, vulgar humor.

The majority of the blog posts contain a majority of text and then followed by a comic or a photo for support. Also, Innman likes to present, through use of curse words and condescending humor, a more informal atmosphere. There are a lot of posts dedicated to his criticisms of logical fallacies and how he despises 3D movies.

Part Two

Linking TextFrequency
Deictic Expression43
Brand Name19

Link LocationFrequency
Internal Links102
Donation Site23
Social Networking15

*Note: there are some blog posts with no links at all.

Today is my 30th birthday, Jim Henson's birthday, AND National Punctuation Day

Link: Today is my 30th birthday, Jim Henson's birthday, AND National Punctuation Day
Total links in this article: 16
*The underlined portions of the quotes are the links.

1) "AND my Tesla Museum Fundraiser ends this week. Tesla was obsessed with the number three. I'm turning 30."
2) "Sarah Donner (of Motherfucking Pterodactyl fame) painted this mosaic of Nikola Tesla which is proudly sitting in my living room. "
3) "Thank you Sarah! Everyone go follow her (Link 1) and listen to her fantastic songs.(Link 2) "
4) "My girlfriend got me a computerized telescope which uses GPS and has buttons and knobs and does all kinds of amazing shit."
5)"This is what Saturn looks like when viewed through this telescope."

6)"Thank you to Staci Elaan for shipping me a Tesla cannon for my birthday. And thanks to Matt Harding for letting me shoot him."
Where the Hell is Matt takes 10,000 volts for science!
7)"My mother's name is Ann and she also is the person who does customer service for my online shop."
8)"This gift beat out the time she got me Fraggles a few years back."
9)"I saw this Indiegogo campaign about a week ago which was attempting to raise money to buy me a Tesla car."
10)"I came up with this sneaky plan to post the campaign on The Oatmeal, see how much I could raise, and then donate 100% of the funds to PAWS, which would provide food, shelter, and medical care to thousands of cats and dogs for the next few years."
11)"Go donate to the Tesla fundraiser."
12)"Go read some grammar comics to celebrate National Punctuation Day."
13)"Pre-order my new book."

14)"It's on Amazon(Link 1) and 2) right now for about ten bucks."

Operation Let's Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum

Link: Operation Let's Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum
Total links in this article: 11
*The underlined portions of the quotes represent the links.

1)"Hey! Are you familiar with this handsome gentleman? [arrow pointing to photo of Nikola Tesla] No? Go read this:"
2)"Internet, this is where you come in. LET'S BUILD A GODDAMN TESLA MUSEUM"
3)"*Wardenclyffe photo via"

4)"$3 If you donate $3, you get to sleep at night knowing that you did something seriously awesome. [image of Nikola Tesla] And if Tesla were alive today he'd totally high-five you and possibly let you touch his moustache."
5)"$33 A Tesla greater than Edison bumper sticker. [image of a Tesla>Edison bumper sticker]"
6)"$333 Signed Tesla Geek Booklet: I'll be signing and numbering booklets of the comic. (I don't sell these on my website, so the only way to get them is to donate.) LIMITED QUANTITY OF 500 AVAILABLE"
7)"$3,333 Custom portrait of you drawn by The Oatmeal. I will draw a portrait of you in the style of an Oatmeal comic. In this masterpiece will happily give you extra eyeballs or beaver feet or whatever other body parts and accessories you require."
8)"$33,333 Feature on [image of TheOatmeal home page]] If you donate $33,333 I will write a blog post about you, your company, or your product on My site averages 7 million unique visitors and 30 million page views. In three years has been online it's been read by over 100 million people and received nearly one billion page views. When I link to things I have a tendency of crashing websites due to the massive storm of traffic, so getting featured here would be fantastic for your business. Plus everyone would know you did it to help save Tesla's Museum. DO THIS AND KITTENS = SAVED."
9)"Potential sponsors: --> Contact the charity!"
10)"All other media inquiries --> Email us!"
11)"Everyone else --> Donate!"
12)"You can read more about them and their board of directors here: Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe."
13)"You can donate on this Indiegogo page."
14)"I want to become a corporate sponsor of this project! Contact the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe."
15) "I want to do an interview or I have a media inquiry about this campaign! Contact us."


  1. When referring to a specific person, The Oatmeal links to their Twitter account.
  2. He uses links to support his statements, to tell or show us more.
    • "This gift beat out the time she got me Fraggles a few years back."
    • "AND my Tesla Museum Fundraiser ends this week. Tesla was obsessed with the number three. I'm turning 30."
  3. He will link to one site in multiple ways and multiple times in the same post.
  4. He uses both images and text for linking purposes.
  5. His links do a lot of advertising, calling the viewer to action.
  6. He tends to link internally.
  7. He uses phrases most often as links.
  8. When others besides himself are involved he gives them credit through links.
  9. When humor is applied he is swearing.
  10. He does a lot of link-chunking.
  11. His links tend to be self-explanatory.
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