Parts of the page: Header, search bar, columns, headings, navigation bar, footer, body breaks into two parts: pictures with links and columns of links.


Overall feel of the page is calming because of the traditional blue and white color scheme. The school's "coat of arms" makes for a traditional atmosphere as well. News feed and events seem to be very student related, not really current events from the world news but all having to do with Rice exclusively, makes it feel like its exclusive. being that I am not a Rice student I feel like an outsider looking in. The rhetor is Rice University and the intended audience consists of undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, parents and faculty and staff. The actual reader can be anyone who visits the website. If I were a part of one of these groups I would appreciate the easy navigation of a site I'd use so frequently. This would have some pathetic appeal because I would feel as though I were welcomed by this combination of my school's colors and insignia, the news highlights so that I am well aware of important events and my easy navigation tool bar.

The page presents ethos because it is showing the "coat of arms" right in the header, so that if you view the page from the top down it is one of the first elements to grab your attention. As a reader I am prompted to feel like because the page is telling me that Rice University is traditional and student -oriented that they can be trusted and I should trust in anything having to do with Rice.

Logos is presented in the slogan "Unconventional Wisdom". They are combining all of these elements in such a way that tell me that although the school is traditional and values-based, it is also a place where I could receive an education like no other. The slogan is a direct argument and the set up and "friendliness" about the page is an indirect argument just backing up the idea that Rice is where you should be.

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