Notes: Rice

Description: Rice

This webpage is very similar to the pages of most universities, including BSU. The similarities are obvious in the colorful graphic at the top of the page, or the top of the body as I described it in my notes. BSU has a very similar thing in a very similar spot. The rhetors in the rhetorical situation are the powers at the school, whether it be the marketing department, design department, or an outside source hired by the school. The intended audience is mainly prospective students who are looking at attending college. The things that are meant to draw in a potential student (the school's values, appearance, philosophy, etc) are featured in the big blue section, where the eyes naturally go. All of the things that are functional to a student already attending Rice are in much smaller font, and are not right at the forefront of the page. This, too, is very similar to the way BSU's website is laid out.

The images on the site are meant, obviously, to make the school look desirable. They use a photo of a professor lecturing outside rather than in a classroom. This may make a student think that going to Rice will not tie them down, or maybe the professors there are more free-spirited and in touch with the feelings of their students. The image of the owl eye is a very serious one, and it does a few things. It plays on the owl mascot of the school, for one. Owls are often a symbol of wisdom, which students going to college hope to gain from the experience.

Notes: MIT

Description: MIT

Compared to other websites for colleges and universities, this one looks much less institutional. The color scheme and layout make it look more like a tribute website for a heavy metal band. At least on the couple of days that I looked at it, that was the impression I got. On that note, MIT is not like most other colleges, and the style of the site portrays that. It shows a large image that would be of interest to someone that is looking to go to school there. For example, one day there was an image of the moon and a satellite, and yesterday there was a black box from an airplane. Both are images related to areas of science and/or engineering. With all of those elements combined, the site reflects what the institution is.

Ethos on MIT Homepage

Pathos on MIT Homepage

Logos on MIT Homepage

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