Petitions (connection statements and inferences):


The website is split into different sections, including sections like a header, a body, and a footer. The body is then split further into 3 distinct parts: a left column, right column, and central image with floating text box. The left column is the navigation column, and includes links like admissions, education, and initiatives. The right column includes two different sections, news and events, under which area links to corresponding webpages. There are around 61 links on the page, i.e.: almost all text links to another webpage. These webpages can differ drastically from the format of the main page, although there are some that share similarities, like those under the news heading in the top section of the right column. The central image serves as a background image to the webpage and is subject to change. The change in image also seems to lead to a change in the color of MIT’s logo in the top left of the header. The text box floats around the webpage, changing when the image does. The movement seems to be used so that the image is not obstructed. The text in the text box is used to illuminate the meaning the image portrays.

The rhetorical situation of the website is that the audience wishes to learn more about MIT and with the issue being if MIT is the best university to attend. One of the presuppositions the webpage shows is that technology and access to lots of information are valued (the a lot of links contains technology in same way, eg: the link under the news heading in the right column that reads 3 Questions: John Gabriell on studying traumatic memories; nearly everything on the page links to another page, i.e.: more information). Another presupposition is that the audience loves digital things (all the font is sans serif and the logo contains only straight lines and is designed in an abstract digital way) and math (throughout the page addition signs are used instead of ampersands, like in the link under the education heading schools+courses). A presupposition about what is accepted as fact is that science is one of the highest goals one can strive for (many of the links on the page include science, as well as the fact that the college’s name is Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The webpages for Rice and MIT have many similarities and many differences. The overall layout of the MIT website is different than that of Rice’s. MIT’s layout is different from that of many college website homepages, whereas Rice’s fits into that category better. The Rice and MIT websites have similar content within their zones, however. For example, both websites have their logo left aligned in the header with a search bar right aligned in the header. They also have similar content and placement of their footers, with information like contact information and another navigation bar. MIT’s webpage is unique from Rice’s in that more of the webpage appears to change on a regular basis. The background and color scheme of MIT’s webpage changes whereas Rice’s appearance does not change more than different article links (like in the News Highlights section).




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