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Visual Argument in the Target Weekly Flyer

 (image: Published for Memorial Weekend 2016

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A definition of rhetoric
A modest but pragmatic, easy-to-hang-onto definition of rhetoric from Stoner and Perkins:

The art and science of creating and analyzing "messages that rely on verbal and nonverbal symbols that more or less intentionally influence social attitudes, values, beliefs, and actions." (6)

  • occasion
  • exigence
  • the type of discourse: forensic, deliberative, epideictic
  • forum and genre
  • cultural and historical context
  • presuppositions of shared ways of thinking

Elements of Electronic Rhetoric

ENGL 3179-5179 Fall 2016
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under revision for fall 2016 until Aug 22


for fall 2016

Links and a rhetoric of the link. Burbules, et al. BurbulesHandlistOfLinks, Hyperlinks. How links are used rhetorically. Categories as navigation. Figures and tropes.

Rhetorical Devices to Keep Attention

Rhetorical Analysis of

Procedural rhetoric and video games. Bogost, et al. How video games persuade, prompt desired actions, forbid others.

Rhetorical analyses of UX: User Experience. Interfaces are not designed to facilitate but to facilitate in particular ways. An interface becomes a site of persuasion. Think moving through Target. Think moving through campus. Think of the ease and attractiveness of using the book interface. On the web, much of this rhetorical work is done by the nav elements of web sites. We can see how effective the rhetoric is when users suggest a site is "easy to navigate" 0r "intuitive." These responses suggest that the user is suggesting, "I already fit into these groups, and I'm willing to be part of this structure." We shape experience by shaping environments.


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