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Passing notes in class



A definition of rhetoric
A modest but pragmatic, easy-to-hang-onto definition of rhetoric from Stoner and Perkins:

The art and science of creating and analyzing "messages that rely on verbal and nonverbal symbols that more or less intentionally influence social attitudes, values, beliefs, and actions." (6)

  • occasion
  • exigence
  • the type of discourse: forensic, deliberative, epideictic
  • forum and genre
  • cultural and historical context
  • presuppositions of shared ways of thinking

Elements of Electronic Rhetoric

ENGL 3179-5179 Fall 2015
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Earlier announcements on the CourseSyllabus page

Thu 5 Nov

The last pass in the StyleInMicroMessages project is now posted on the project page, and copied below.

Due dates
Tue 10 Nov, class time
The 12 Nov, midnight

developing a larger analysis: for 10 Nov

7. Once you have a close, thorough analysis of each message, re-organize the messages to reveal a larger consideration. Re-order the images and your analyses on Storify, and use headings and text introductions under your headings, to illustrate or argue a point about how you see visual and textual style being used in micro-messages.

There is very likely an argument latent in your selection and analyses. Bring it out by re-arranging the material and adding your notes to create, basically, a visual-textual essay. It doesn't need to be a grand, world-shattering point. It might be an overall observation or summation of what you have found. But create that overview by organizing and by using headings and text notes to illustrate the point.

In-Class Students

Have a pretty complete and well-honed analysis ready for Tuesday 10 Nov. In class, we'll lo0k each of them over individually for strengths and possible points of development. You won't be presenting. Instead, you and I will review what you have and work from there.

After our in-class review, a final revision will be due Thu 12 Nov, midnight.

On-Line Students

Please have your work on this project ready for review and comment by Thu 12 Nov, midnight.

Tue 3 Nov

The Micro-Style Collections

Week of Nov 17 - 20

I'll be attending the OpenEducation2015 conference this week, so classes are cancelled.

Week of Nov 24 - 26

T'Giving Break: Classes cancelled.

Weeks of Dec 1 - 3, and Dec 8

When we return from break, there are two class sessions scheduled - which is plenty of time for a final project!


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