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Kairos and the Rhetorical Situation
  • occasion
  • exigence
  • issue
  • the type of discourse: forensic, deliberative, epideictic
  • forum and genre
  • the cultural and historical context
  • the presuppositions
  • relationship established between rhetor and audience

Elements of Electronic Rhetoric

ENGL 3179/5179
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Update: Fri 31 Aug

The Longaker text is still not in at the BSU Bookstore nor the Beaver Bookstore. If you need a copy of the pages for Tuesday, email me and I'll send you a pdf.

Tues 11 Sept

for Thurs, class time

1. Read the Stoner and Perkins handout to get an even better sense of what method is all about.

2. Return to the wiki page you used for the HomePageDescriptionExercise. Use the same headings. Make notes on, and then from those notes, compose a description of a second university home page: Be methodical. Refer to SomeTechniquesForObserving.

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