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A definition of rhetoric
A modest but pragmatic, easy-to-hang-onto definition of rhetoric from Stoner and Perkins:

The art and science of creating and analyzing "messages that rely on verbal and nonverbal symbols that more or less intentionally influence social attitudes, values, beliefs, and actions." (6)

  • occasion
  • exigence
  • the type of discourse: forensic, deliberative, epideictic
  • forum and genre
  • cultural and historical context
  • presuppositions of shared ways of thinking

Elements of Electronic Rhetoric

ENGL 3179-5179 Fall 2015
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Course starts 25 Aug 12:30. Hs 109. Meets face to face weekly on Tuesdays. Assignments and exercises are required to be posted online at scheduled times.

Tue 25 Aug: Start Up

We'll spend the couple weeks of the course getting set up, developing a method for taking notes, and establishing a pace for exercises.

Thu 27 Aug

Fri 28 Aug

10:18 AM
Nearly everyone is registered on the wiki and set up, so I want to give everyone a chance to settle in with an exercise in seeing rhetoric.

The Rider

I included a rider in the CourseStatement as a gauge for you to see how closely you're reading. A rider is a provision in a contract that needs to be followed. Riders are sometimes nefariously used to see if the parties are actually readying the contract. Two readers saw the rider and followed it. There's no penalty for not seeing it, but if you didn't see it, you're not reading closely. Close reading is going to be crucial in this course.

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Tue 1 Sep

for Tue 8 Sep


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