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=====A Handlist of Weblogs=====
2006, update Jan 2009

Weblogs - "Chronological Posting, with newest posts at the top"

====Rhetorical Affordances====
Some elements of the weblog that the rhetor can use to shape the message - both the individual posts or the weblog as a whole.

Kind of blog
- topic-based
- personal
- filter

Top of Page
- Name/Title of Weblog & Placement
- Banner
- Tag line
- Images optional

Profile page or sidebar
- Information about rhetor; who, what, where, etc.

- Titles on each post, optional
- Date at top of each post
- Who posts - Signature
- Images & their relation ship to text (to post or not to post and option to click for larger one)
- Block quotes (colored boxes of text)
- Comments (optional) - invite to comment
- Embedded links, within the text of the posts or
- Links outside of text
- Formatting - overstrike, italics, bold, etc.

Taxonomy of Links
- embedded within text, outside text, blog roll
- Where is linked to
- Relationship to text of posts
- Linking directly to a post on another blog or just the blog

- length
- number
- variations / range

Side Bar - what's on the bar
- located on left, right or bottom
- sections
- archives
- Previous Posts - Listed by title of post or first sentence - to have this section or not is also rhetorical choice
- Categories and Names of Categories (optional)
- External Links
- Blog Roll (Links to other blogs)
- Other Links (to other sites) - what you title the section, their order and their phrasing

Page Options
- Page Template

====Elements of the rhetorical situation ====
elements of the physical and rhetorical situation in which the rhetor composes postings. The situation can directly influence the post:

- subject of post
- length of post
- frequency of post
- occasion for post: situational exigence

==Situational exigence==
weblog postings address rhetorical exigencies (imperfections marked by urgency ... something waiting to be done. Bitzer, quoted in S & P, p 4). What are some?
- desire to showcase writing
- desire to showcase self, make contact, be read by others
- record keeping: of external events, of discovery of something.
- first-hand accounts written during the events or immediately after the events (blogging conference presentations, blogging during time of crises, blogging a review of a dinner...)
- need to keep up a project blog
- current external events prompt an account or response
- something happens in the blogger's life to prompt an account or response
- anticipation of something upcoming in the blogger's life prompts a consideration
- read or found something on the web: desire to link to (and comment on) the object found
- a kind of record keeping
- desire to keep readers updated on subject of blog
- because readers expect it
- inspiration: personal exigence '''to write''', to engage in the act of composing, to get an idea in writing and out in public, is driving the situation
- When I feel like it
- Any time I sit down at a computer
- I write just a sentence because it is in my head.

==Situational constraints==
the location of the weblogger when posting, the amount of time to post, the technical means of posting. Constraints may influence what is written (writing about the situation of writing), length of post, other.
- writing in a private or personal space
- writing in public spaces: library, coffee shop, student union
- clandestine writing in work space, and on work time
- writing in work space, on work time, as part of work
- writing in class space, during class time, as part of class
- posting from cell phone opens up to writing in bars, cars, trains, street...

==Situational time==
the time of posting in relationship to events posted can influence what is posted, how the subject is worked, what the rhetor can say about the subject.
- en media res: posting from the middle of events. the moment of writing can become part of the post.
- re-covering events: looking back on the past few days and posting accounts, possibly up to the present.
- atemporal: postings in which no outside events are referred to, or in which the time of posting is irrelevant to the events (posting essays, analyses, etc).
- undeterminable: can't tell the relationship
- metalepsis: the event is the posting: posts of "look at this!" with a link, and no indication in the post as to time of relation.

Technical/Media constraints: the kind of blog software used, means of writing (keyboard, cell phone, PDA input).
- keyboard will facilitate composition of discursive prose more than, say, cell phone input.
- some blogs permit titles, some don't
- some blogs use categories, some don't

Rhetorical Context Features


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