A Handlist of Weblogs

2006, update Jan 2009

Weblogs - "Chronological Posting, with newest posts at the top"

Rhetorical Affordances

Some elements of the weblog that the rhetor can use to shape the message - both the individual posts or the weblog as a whole.

Kind of blog

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Side Bar - what's on the bar

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Elements of the rhetorical situation

elements of the physical and rhetorical situation in which the rhetor composes postings. The situation can directly influence the post:

Situational exigence
weblog postings address rhetorical exigencies (imperfections marked by urgency ... something waiting to be done. Bitzer, quoted in S & P, p 4). What are some?

Situational constraints
the location of the weblogger when posting, the amount of time to post, the technical means of posting. Constraints may influence what is written (writing about the situation of writing), length of post, other.

Situational time
the time of posting in relationship to events posted can influence what is posted, how the subject is worked, what the rhetor can say about the subject.

Technical/Media constraints: the kind of blog software used, means of writing (keyboard, cell phone, PDA input).

Rhetorical Context Features


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