Habitus on University Home Pages 11 Nov

 (image: http://erhetoric.org/Erhetoric/images/MITHomePageNov11.png)
MIT home page on 11 Nov 2016. MIT's response to Veteran's Day is more than just the image. It's in the selection, phrasing, and placement of the campus news for that day with respect to the central image. The overall response is part of MIT's habitus. MIT's home page is demonstrating the kind of social habits and values that are practiced at MIT. To the extent that these habits are actually practiced widely, the ethos is legitimate. To the extent that audience members identify with these habits and values - desire to share them or practice them - the appeal to ethos is successful. To the extent that audience member's don't wish to share the habits, the appeal to ethos is still successful. full sized image

BSU home page on Nov 11

 (image: http://erhetoric.org/Erhetoric/images/BSUHomePage11Nov.png)
full sized image

MSU Mankato home page on Nov 11

 (image: http://erhetoric.org/Erhetoric/images/MSUMankato11Nov.png)
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