Crunch Time

Where should I start in describing myself? My name is Grace and I am a senior here. I am one of the youngest in my age group, being I just turned twenty one in November. I will be graduating in May with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative and Professional Writing.

Looking at who I am in my everyday life, I work at Lueken's in the deli. I live there fourty hours a week a long with being a full time student. I also intern at the region 2 arts council.

When I find time in my day to relax I swim or write. I write mainly nonfiction, but enjoy experimenting with poetry. I love to hang out and just get to know people whether it be in a coffee shop or at a party.

My personality. If I said I am relaxed I would be in denial. I over analyze many situations and think too much into what people say and why they say it. For instance the phrase "it's just been one of those days." Whose to say the type of day that particular person is having. Then one tries to relate to the other but can't because they don't exactly know what is being thought. This describes why I am a writing major, so I can thoroughly write everything I am processing in my brain.

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