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Ellen's Twitter-https://twitter.com/TheEllenShow

About me- "Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular. California · ellentv.com"

She broke the record for having the most Twitter followers as a tv host.
According to http://twopcharts.com/howlongontwitter?user=TheEllenShow Ellen has been on Twitter for 5 years.

Following: 46,564
Followers: 23,848,501

Her followers increase every few seconds.


Signature #hashtages

Posting Pictures



Example of Ellens tweets
Ellen DeGeneres ‏@TheEllenShow 22h
"Thank you for making sure deserving kids get a Christmas this year RT @Duracell Thx to Ellen for kicking off #PowerASmile for Toys For Tots!"

Weekly Tweetly Roundup example

“I hold the record for TV personality with the most Twitter followers”


Using kairos

Intrinsic and extrinsic factors involved in using twitter

stylistics moves
Using ethos



Ellens Twitter is connected with her show and is essentially made for her show. We noticed that her Twitter is @TheEllenShow opposed to @EllenDegeneres. Here she can promote her show, people who are going to be guests on her show, and tweet about any contests or events she is going to be holding for her show. Even though it seems her Twitter's main purpose is for connecting with her show, Ellen also tweets about things unrelated to her show. She will tweet about family like her wife, nieces and cats. She gets new followers by the second and she even holds the record for tv host with the most Twitter followers.

The use of kairos is shown when Ellen tweets about certain events during those events. The Oscars is an example of an occasion when Ellen tweeted about celebs and even about herself saying that she was going to be there. Right now the occasion on Ellen's Twitter is her "12 days of giveaways" this goes with the theme of the holidays and also plays a role on how Ellen uses Twitter for "good." Ellen is also celebrating her 11th season of her show, which is being advertised on her Twitter background. With the occasion of her 11th season, Ellen is Tweeting about events that will be happening during this time. Lately we found that she has been tweeting to remind people to go on her website and enter for a chance to win a prize during her 12 days of giveaways. The exigence in this case could be how the audience can win a prize and maybe the rules on what you need to enter her giveaway. This is something they would need to discuss in order for the giveaway to be a success. Twitter is one way Ellen uses to give her audience the information they need in order to participate in her giveaways.

Re-tweeting or recirculating does happen on Ellen's Twitter. She will re-tweet and fans will re-tweet her. Again, she only re-tweets depending on the occasion. We did notice however that Ellen rarely, if ever, re-tweets none celeb fans. The only time we see her interact with her fans tweets is on her show. She may at times set up a tweet to be re-tweeted on purpose. Sometimes Ellen uses positive appropriation in her tweets to show that she is thankful, some of the time she has a picture to go along with the tweet. She will also show positive appropriation when she had a guest on her show. She will tweet them with a "thanks" or some kind of positive message to show her gratitude to that person. This may also give that person some recognition and will either have positive or negative effects on their twitter. Here is an example of one of her tweets that shows positive recognition; Ellen DeGeneres ‏@TheEllenShow 6 Dec "Here's to one of the kindest, loveliest people I know. Happy birthday, @TonyOK"

Ellen uses hashtags for a variety of reasons, but the main one is to promote her show. She has some signature hashtags that shes made her own and she uses hashtags to get others recognized. #ImGonnaMakeYouDanceJams is used to promote her new CD she has coming out. She also tweeted about it repeatedly through out the month. #e11en is to promote the 11th season of her show, she will often put this at either the beginning or the end of her tweet. These can sometimes be random as well as go with the occasion. Like any Twitter hashtag, you can click on it and you should get tweets related to that hashtag. #ClassicJokeWednesday is one of the hashtags that Ellen didn't come up with, but in a way made her own by using it consistently on her show and on Twitter. Every Wednesday Ellen will tweet a joke or something comical and then put the hashtag #ClassicJokeWednesday after it. #ThrowBackThursday is another hashtag Ellen uses quite a bit on Twitter. She also seems to change the hashtags during certain occasions, for example #ClassicThanksgivingJokeWednesday was used during the Thanksgiving week.

Ellen has a segment on her show called "Weekly Tweetly Roundup" where typically 4 or 5 tweets are chosen to be shown on her show. These are usually made by fans and are funny. The segment is not shown on a certain day of the week, like every Monday or Friday. It is also important to note that she doesn't tweet about her Weekly Tweeetly Roundup a lot. It seemed that it was a big part of her show, but isn't brought up a lot on her Twitter.

Ellens ethical appeal on her audience seems for the most part a strong one. When she tweets jokes or anything for fun her followers seem to be supportive and want more. Ellen's intrinsic ethos is confident and strong. Depending on the occasion of the tweet, her intrinsic ethos can be sarcastic or serious. Tweets that involve #ClassicJokeWednesday are meant to be funny and not serious. When she is tweeting about a cause of event it may be meant to be taken more serious. Ellen is a comedian so her extrinsic ethos is at its best when she is conversing with people or an audience that follower her jokes and understand them. Looking through her followers, you can see that her audience age ranges from teen to middle aged adults. Anyone older or younger may not understand her or not know of her at all.

Interpretation(what does this all mean?)

To sum up everything, Ellen DeGeneres uses her Twitter to connect people with her show. She has new followers every few seconds and is a Twitter record holder. Her show is very Twitter based with tweets being used live on her show and even the colors on her show match that of Twitters (blue and white). With the use of hashtags, Ellen is able to promote things like her new CD (#ImGonnaMakeYouDanceJams) or segments from The Ellen Show. She is a comedian and jokes are pinpointed to a teen to middle age adult audience. Even though her Twitter name is @TheEllenShow she does post some more personal tweets, such as things about family. She will tweet the a video or picture of something funny or for one of her causes every so often. She only seems to retweet other celebs, but rarely or never just a fans tweet. She will however, use fan tweets in her Weekly Tweetly Roundup, which isn't a consistent segment on her show. Ellen likes to make people laugh and promote "good" things or events. She uses positive recognition a lot, mostly to say "thanks" to those who have been on her show or for the people who helped with a cause.

Ellen does have negative appropriation when she doesn't retweet her fans. If you look under her tweets you will see people bagging for Ellen to follow or retweet them, but she rarely, if ever, does. She has created certain trends on twitter. One of these trends is her posting her face in known pictures. This is meant to be funny and is sometimes hashtaged #ThrowBackThursday. Depending on the occasion, Ellen may change her hashtags a bit by adding words from that occasion. Because it's her 11th season, Ellen has made some stylistic changes to her Twitter. She added 11 in replace of the l's in her name (e11en) and because its close to the holiday season, her typical plane blue background is now covered in snowflakes. She is also promoting her 12 day giveaway where for 12 days she will be giving away gifts to people who enter a contest on her website. She will often tweet "reminders" to remind people to go on her website and register for a chance to win something.

By tweeting once and a while about her personal life, Ellen is creating a pathetic appeal with her followers. This lets them connect with her on a personal level and not just as a comedian on tv. When she tweets about her nieces she is connecting with others who can sympathize with her. Maybe a someone who is an aunt or uncle will see her tweet about her talking about spending the holidays with her nieces and they will connect with Ellen on the subject. The same goes for her being married to a woman and is actively talking about her wife. Others who are gay, may be able to connect with Ellen and their relationships with their partners. Ellen uses logical appeal when she tries to get people to help with a cause. By posting pictures of an event she isn't trying to bring up emotions, but rather trying to make a logical claim to help out.

With her comedic charm and charitable kindness, Ellen has created a show that interacts personally with her audience using Twitter. Besides her followers wanting her to follow them back, she doesn't seem to get any negative feedback. Ellen doesn't change her personality on Twitter or her show, she acts the same in both. People who came on her show will often send her a "thank you" for having them make an appearance and she too will often say "thank you" for coming on the show. She has even had some celebs appear more then once on her show, for example Brittany Spears has been on multiple times. She doesn't give prizes away only on special occasions, but just random times as well. She will sometimes post pictures of her with the people who were on her show on her Twitter. This is to give some recognition to both her and the other person. She will sometimes poke fun at people, but it's ultimately just for laughs and not to be taken seriously.
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