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The context of this page is to provide students or people interested into attending this university by showing different programs they have available. The context of this page can be from the university itself but we don't have a good idea who the rhetor is so hard to tell who made it but we can guess that it was made for the previous students and new students coming to this university.


The genre is deliberative and epideictic. Example: the links on the webpage are deliberative and the slogan "Big ideas Real-world thinking" could be epideictic. Forensic could also be in there for it talks about the future. [examples, draw them from your description]


There is no visible style I can see here thats fits.
It has no simile, metaphor, irony, personification, visual imagery, parallelism, and alliteration.

But as a design style it is a user interface design and using a grid format. [Yes! Well seen! Now that that idea back to style: visual parallelism or distribution. That IS a style, not a lack of style, one that works probably by metaphor. The grid is a metaphor, by the way. When you see something like this, jump on it and work it through.]


The arrangement maybe topical for its talks about technical communication classes and then list all of the degrees you can get for it later on the page but small chance that there isn't one too. Certain dialogue does come up when talking about the online part of the classes there, clicking on the link "100% online learner" its brings up Problem and Solution as an arrangement, not really noticeable but says
There for stating a problem and a solution to the problem on the webpage.



not a 100% sure about memory here but my guess would be it trying to make you remember your memories of high school and all the stuff you learned so they try to bring in the feeling of going back to school again.
[Not so much that, which would be pathos. Memory plays into web sites by changing link color to indicate a visit to that page, and in link and page titles that line up, in color schemes on pages and in sections. Well guessed!]


The invention could be its credibility and reason to means to persuade you into going to this university. The credibility being its a official website for the Minnesota State University of Mankato which is believable and the reason for persuading you is given on the main webpage, with the slogan which is "Big ideas Real-world thinking", which makes you think about joining this university and the greek torch light is in the logo and is placed again next to the ask questions button.
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