First Pass at Critical Method

Page Observations
Structurally, the page has a few divisions: a header, a sidebar, content centered on the page, and a footer. The color scheme consists of the schools colors, purple and yellow. The page is small is size as it takes a quarter of scroll to reach the bottom. Brighter colors are arranged towards the middle of the page making the content more salient.


Description of Context
Throughout the page, there are links/headings catering to a series of different audiences including current students, faculty and staff, alumni, and potential students and parents. The most highlighted features however, are the articles pertaining classes offered by MSU accompanied by the skills and corresponding pictures. Class lists and pictures centered in page making it more noticeable.

Overall, the site provides a lot of information about the school, its principles, and classes while staying mostly in present-tense. According to Aristotle's genres of speech, it would fall under epideictic.

The website highlights school colors and visual imagery. With class themes represented by corresponding pictures in the middle of the screen, it draws attention to what the page is focusing on. Overall not too much writing besides text that are used for internal links, but the writing that does exist is professional and contains somewhat stock vocabulary.

The page itself is a link from the English department of MSU but contains links that continue to narrow the field of research. In the center of the page contains the blocks of text "Potential Students" and Current Students". However, based on the links displayed under the text, it could be argued that both messages are directed towards potential students. For example, under "Current Students", the links available lead the viewer to class scheduling and links to take online courses, while at the top of the page, there is "Current Students" link that leads to portal logins and as well as academic support pages.

This page captures the school pride with MSU's colors displayed throughout the page. At the same time, it is enticing those who are thinking of attending with personified language such as using pronouns in the first-person in the class outlooks. The page as a whole is short in length as it takes only half a scroll to reach the bottom, this makes it concise and gets information across quickly.

The page requires the reader to have at least some background on the organization of college classes from which degree a potential student is looking to pursue. With information divided up by degrees, a reader must explore specific classes by what major/degree they are potentially interested in. While basic foreground knowledge is helpful in navigating the site, information is easy to retrieve if the reader is searching for broad information and class descriptions.

With an inviting tone throughout the explanations, the site leaves an impression of community and acceptance through professional language and a bright atmosphere. With its purpose being to persuade though, it could arguably lose credibility but overall maintains a professional image while showcasing what the university has to offer.

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