Final Project: The Nike+ Advantage

The Nike+ is a small device that has been developed to monitor the amount of miles a runner has gone, how many calories they have burned, and the distance they have run. This device offers coaching advice to beginner, intermediate, or advanced runners in which a program can be selected on the Nike+ Web site. They have chat rooms where runners can talk to their competition, and there are digital graphs where runners can see their progression over time. The device keeps track of an athlete's weight, and if you don't meet a certain weight, you can be punished for it. This is already in place at Bemidji State for every athletic team, because we have a contract with Nike+. For instance, this could be placed in a basketball shoe, hockey skate, soccer/softball/baseball/football cleat, tennis shoe, or running shoe.

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For our device The Nike+ Advantage:

-The device has a GPS that can predict if you are running toward a high crime area
-Detects the current weather conditions and how soon the weather will change (rain)
-Detects the pollution levels and oxygen purity within running areas
-Has the capability to incorporate your coaches voice, as encouragement or a threat
-Tells your endurance level
-Body temperature
-Breathing rate
-Can put in any voice you want for motivation (famous person, coach, parent, etc.) by choosing positive or negative criticism from that voice.
-Overall, tells you if you have worked out to your potential




From a coach's standpoint:

-Shane Thomas: 58 years old, Football coach, wife and a dog, uses Nike+ Advantage to monitor his team and for personal use
Coach sets levels during your freshmen year where you must maintain or increase your physical stamina over your college career. If these requirements aren't maintained on a regular basis on conditioning drills it would be a way to detect this and there would be a "punishment" workout program after practice if you didn't meet the standards.


From an athlete's standpoint:
-Monica Rawlings, 22 years old, former BSU Women's Hockey player, senior, 14 years of hockey experience, wanted to play at the DI level
-Stephanie Peterson, 23 years old, former BSU Women's Basketball player, senior, 14 years of basketball experience
An athlete is a member of a Bemidji State athletics team and the Nike+ Advantage is used by the coach. The athlete views this case as a way of the coach always 'looking over his/her shoulder.' This product doesn't take into account the fact that athletes get sick, bodies are tired from all the conditioning, family issues going on, stress from schoolwork, or just having a bad day in general. We feel this also breaks the trust barrier as a 'big-brother' system is implemented to almost babysit. This doesn't make the coach responsible for something that can be measured, except for wins and losses.

From an average person's standpoint:

-Jane Smith: 62 years old, Business Accountant, husband and two kids, one of her kids informed her about Nike+ Advantage
An average person who isn't in the best physical conditions wants to get into shape in order to prevent future health problems. This person discovers Nike+ Advantage and wants to let the program control her workouts. She wants to be able to see her progress and her accomplishments along the way. She believes Nike+ Advantage will allow her to set reasonable goals overtime to help her achieve her potential.

Stakeholder Analysis
Step 1: List All of the Stakeholders
Step 2: List What Each Stakeholder Has to Gain
Step 3: List What Each Stakeholder Has to Lose
Step 4: Evaluate Which Stakeholder Has the Most to Gain

Step 5: Evaluate Which Stakeholder Has the Most to Lose
Step 6: Determine Ethics by Examining Gains and Losses in Terms of Values
Step 7: Acknowledge the Value and Assumptions You Bring to Your Analysis

The Functional Triad
Nike+ Advantage as a persuasive tool:

Nike+ Advantage as persuasive media




People are persuaded to think they must have a Nike shoe for the product to work. We thought the same thing until we researched the product a little further.

- Simulated environments: Nike+ Advantage puts people in the situation of athletic environments by the ways the product allows you to have a 'personal trainer.' Nike+ Advantage puts you in a position of having to respond to your coach's voice, if the program is intended for use by an athlete. For a non-athlete, the product gets the person familiarized with new settings in a push to get accustomed to what is to be expected.

Nike+ Advantage as persuasive social actors


We feel that as users of technology, we must be careful of how persuasive technology can be. Some would argue, coaches should know everything about their players, while players would argue, knowing too much about a player isn't good either when dealing with very specific analysis. We believe that using this technology would be beneficial to the average person, but would be crossing the line when the product is used to evaluate your every move.

Our question to you: Where then, would you draw the line when using this device when dealing with middle school athletes, high school athletes, college athletes, and professional athletes?

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