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F!ND !T® is a free, nation-wide GPS service in the form of a portable device application, easily downloaded and installed on any Palm Pilot, iPhone, or iPod Touch device. Aside from being a standard GPS, it also shows the locations of certain nearby businesses, such as motels and restaurants. This works with nearly all modern American and Canadian chain services, and many private ones as well. F!ND !T will display menus, prices, and other business information. Furthermore, it will also alert you of sales and special deals. It sends all this information quickly in the form of something akin to an instant message.

Other features:

Major uses:

Scenarios: Bob the Businessman

Good Scenarios
Bob the businessman uses F!ND !T on his Palm Pilot.
Bob has had F!ND !T for nearly a month now, and has found !t very useful. It is voice-interactive, allowing him to shop for groceries, Christmas presents, and delivery pizza through simple dialogue. At an out of town business meeting, he was able to talk to his Palm Pilot and get a list of every restaurant in a two mile radius. Each restaurant was pinpointed on his Mapquest, and a toggle option allowed him to select points of interest. Not into Chinese food or Burger King, he scanned the screen until he found a nearby Green Mill. Hungry for a good steak and a cold beer, he selected the "Green Mill" point on the map and a menu screen popped up, detailing the prices of every item in the restaurant. He selected a 12oz steak, medium rare, with a side of mashed potatoes and coleslaw. "Would you like to purchase these items now, Bob?" F!ND !T then asks him. "Yes please" he responds, and the amount was taken from his bank account via Paypal. "Your purchase has been placed, Bob." F!ND !T tells him, and an electronic message is received by the on-duty Green Mill manager who now prepares for Bob's arrival.

On his next trip out of town, which was someplace in western North Dakota, F!ND !T is unable to locate a Green Mill within thirty miles. Instead, it assists Bob in his eating needs by alerting him to the nearby Apple Bees and TGI Fridays, which are of similar grade, description, and price range as the Green Mill. He takes a good look at both menus, and decides that TGIF is a much bigger bang for his buck. He then asks his Palm Pilot to get him a cab, and he waits for it in the lobby of the hotel he found using F!ND !T.

Bad Scenarios

Bob has arrived in Boston for a business meeting. Unable to look locate his hotel, Bob turns on his F!ND !T application on his Palm Pilot to search for directions to his hotel. When plugging in the hotel address, advertisements keep popping up on the screen. Bob sees one advertisement for his favorite pizzeria, which is having a half-off sale on his favorite pizza. Feeling that it must be fate, Bob follows the directions to the pizzeria. Upon arrival, he searches for a sale sign but can not find the one he is looking for. The clerk informs him that the sale is valid only with a special coupon book that is available for ten dollars. Angry but hungry, Bob relents and purchases the pizza anyways.
Unbeknown to Bob, the application advertisements were specialized according to his purchases. The application traced Bob's bank records through the Palm Pilot's database. Knowing his spending habits, the application posts advertisements that Bob will most likely go for. The application chooses to leave out the fine print, being that a lot of the sales occur only at certain times, or are only valid with special coupons.

During Bob's business meeting, Bob's Palm Pilot suddenly went off with an annoying ringtone-type noise from the F!ND !T application, which was alerting Bob of a Wal-Mart sale on certain CDs nearby he didn't even particularly care about. In fact, it was only because Bob had bought a CD from them recently that the F!ND !T was able to deduce that perhaps Bob would want to buy another CD or two now, as it had checked his recent spending records. The others at the meeting gave Bob a glare as he fumbled with the Palm Pilot, trying to shut down the F!ND !T application as it steadily churned out ads and "helpful" hints.

Functional Triad

Find your way with map directions!
The F!ND !T application falls under the tool category on the functional triad.

Macro or Micro?

F!ND !T, generally speaking, has two main objectives. The first is the one at the surface: to provide a free, easy-to-use GPS service as well as a service to enable easier shopping and direction-finding. The second is the covert one: to persuade the user to buy, buy, buy! Considering the heavier presence of this second motive, it is safe to say that the application falls under macrosuasion.

Stake Holder Analysis

Step One: List all of the stake holders:

Step Two: List what each stakeholder has to gain:

Step Three: List what each stakeholder has to lose:
suggestions constantly), and no protection from impulse-spending.
itself annoying.

Step Four: Evaluate which stakeholder has the most to gain:

Step Five: Evaluate which stakeholder had the most to lose:
product is on portable device that most people will keep with them at all times, they lose the ability to shut themselves off
from advertisement. Furthermore, the creators have the ability to tap into their purchasing and travel history, meaning that
they have surrendered a large fraction of their privacy to a free application. Lastly, the ever-present nature of the
advertisements coupled with a Paypal-type account may lead to impulse spending.

Step Six: Determine ethics by examining gains and losses in terms of values:

Step Seven: Acknowledge the values and assumptions you bring to your analysis:

Summary: How is it Unethical?

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