Hybrid Breathalyzer

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Description of Product:

The Hybrid Breathalyzer is a device that is installed into your vehicle by a professional technician.

For discreet concealment, this device is compact and may be stored in a small compartment (sunglasses holder, glove compartment, etc.) in your hybrid vehicle. An alcosensor located within the steering wheel immediately detects alcohol within the perimeter of the drivers seat (primarily the space directly between the driver and the steering wheel). If the sensor detects any traces of alcohol on the driver's breath, an alarm will sound. The driver must then use the breathalyzer to accurately determine if they have consumed any alcohol. If the driver does not use the breathalyzer, the car will not start. The alarm will cease if there is no alcohol to be detected, or if the driver exits the vehicle. The Hybrid Breathalyzer is tamper proof and can only be uninstalled by a certified technician.

The breathalyzer is not compatible with all cars. It is ideal for hybrids that can convert from gasoline to electric from companies such as Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, and Honda.

Not only is it mandatory in some states for two-time DUI and DWI offenders to have this device installed in their vehicles, but it is also optional for anyone who wishes to have it installed for personal use.

Functional Triad:


The device is capable of storing information recorded by the breathalyzer.



Those who will use the product



The Product Company

A. They are striving to create fuel efficient, decent, well built, and long lasting vehicles.
B. Currently, it is not a buyer's market
C. The average American is not looking to purchase a luxury vehicle during a recession.
D. Advertising this device as being included with the purchase of a vehicle from a specific American company could help stimulate the economy by encouraging consumers to purchase from their company.






Who Has the Most to Gain

Those who will use the product
They will have the most to gain because the Hybrid Breathalyzer keeps drivers safe from driving after drinking alcohol.

Ethical Argument Against The Product

State laws will require users to set their devices to detect alcohol levels.
State vs. Chun: Pending case of reliability of the in-car breathalyzer.



Sixteen-year-old Danielle has just gotten her driver's license and is planning on attending a friend's birthday party on Friday night. She is aware that they will be serving alcohol at the party and she is considering having a drink or two while she is there. She has drank before without her parents' knowledge and has even ridden with a friend who might have been a little too tipsy to drive. Since she does not have a vehicle of her own yet, she asks her parents if she can borrow the family car for the evening. This is the first time since she received her license that Danielle will be driving a fairly long distance at night. For safety's sake, Danielle's father decided to have a Hybrid Breathalyzer installed in the car soon after Danielle passed her driver's test. He reluctantly agrees to let Danielle take the car, but not without first explaining how to use the personalized breathalyzer to her. After instructions are given and a curfew is set, Danielle is free to go. Toward the end of the party, Danielle has already had a few drinks and a couple of her friends appear to be too drunk to drive themselves home. Though she is a bit lightheaded, Danielle feels good enough to drive and offers her friends a ride home. When she gets into the car, the Hybrid's steering wheel sensor immediately starts to beep loudly at the faint presence of alcohol on her breath, indicating that she must then blow into the breathalyzer to get an accurate alcohol level reading. After doing this, Danielle finds that the breathalyzer reading is over the legal limit. Not believing the results, she slips the keys into the ignition and tries to start the car, but the Hybrid Breathalyzer system has disabled this function. She and her friends are then left with no choice but to either call their parents to come get them or find a designated driver. The Hybrid Breathalyzer may have saved Danielle and her friends from a dangerous and possibly fatal car accident resulting from drunk driving.

John is on his way to a company meeting, but he cannot remember the directions a coworker gave him on a sheet of paper. So, while he is driving, he reaches over to his briefcase which is sitting on the passenger seat beside him and starts to dig around inside for the sheet of paper containing the written directions to the meeting's location. A distracted John barely keeps the car on the road as he weaves in his lane, causing a driver beside him to honk their horn in warning. John remains oblivious until a patrol car appears in his rearview mirror with lights flashing, and he immediately pulls over. The officer approaches him and asks if he has been drinking. John panics and denies that he has had anything to drink. He is a recovering alcoholic, and he has a Hybrid Breathalyzer in his car to keep him on track. The officer notices the device and asks John for his USB plugin, which John hands over without protest. The officer then plugs the USB key into his computer and runs a background information check which reveals that John has registered the Hybrid Breathalyzer with the DMV and that the device's recent recordings reveal no detection of alcohol on John's breath. However, the officer is still compelled to ask why John was driving so erratically. John is eventually cleared of any suspicion of drinking and driving and is let off with a warning thanks to evidence provided by his Hybrid Breathalyzer.


Ref. USA Today
Organizations such as the American Beverage Institute face the threat of reduction in sales at supporting restaurant chains such as Outback Steakhouse, Chilis, and Applebee's due to the fact that people will be less likely to go out and have a drink because they own a Hybrid Breathalyzer.

Ben - device malfunction.
Twenty two-year-old Ben has been out at the local bar with his buddies. However, he has been deemed the designated driver for the evening. At the end of the night, everyone but Ben has had more than enough to drink, and it is time for him to take everyone home. Having a history with alcohol himself, Ben has had a Hybrid Breathalyzer installed in his car. He and his friends load themselves into the vehicle and Ben goes to start the motor when suddenly his buddy, Fred, leans over from the passenger seat to talk to him. Fred has had a lot to drink, and his breath reaches the sensor on Ben's steering wheel, activating the alarm and disabling the vehicle's ignition. Even when Ben tries the breathalyzer, the device will not allow him to start his car. He then has to call someone to come pick them up. Because Fred's breath smells so strongly of alcohol, the sensor has automatically made an incorrect determination that the vehicle should be disabled without the follow up of a breathalyzer test.

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