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A device that is in your car, works like a GPS with internet access, plugs into your accessories plug-in. It would track your location by GPS and when you passed by a sponsored location, the device would ask if you want to accept a coupon. Your iSave card would be put into the device upon entering the car, the card is attached to your keychain, but has a retractable string so you don't have to remove it while using it. If you did accept the coupon, it would scan it to your savings card and make happy noises (cheering, "Yay!", etc), but if you didn't, it would make a sad noise ("Aww," crying, etc). The device is also voice activated so driving is not impaired.

This device could have a digital/laser scanner in it that would add the coupon to a savings card (the size of a gift card from a retail store). That way, it wouldn't need paper. For example, in order for the savings card to work, you could be requested to present your GPS savings card to restaurants that you visit. Each time you do that, your data would be collected. Then, as you build up "credits" your GPS would start to offer coupons when you got close to one of your favorite spots. The GPS would be programmed to chime and give the name of the restaurant (cash register sound...cha ching), if you were interested in the savings, you would press or say "Yes" and the savings would be added to the card.

The businesses are able to add their own sounds to the device (all internet based so updates are easy and quick). For example, Taco Bell can have their sound be "Yo quiero Taco Bell." or whatever, or Chili's can have their signature, "Chili's baby back ribs!"

Macrosuasion: The overall goal of this product is to persuade customers to go to participating restaurants.

Persuasive Tool

Persuasive social actors


Brian is a 35 year old teacher. He drives to school at 6 in the morning. On his route is a Caribou Coffee shop. Two blocks before he reaches the coffee shop a cupon is offered on his gps navigation system. He can choose to decline or accept the offer by saying a simple yes or no, again so it doesn't interupt his driving.

Susan a forty-five year old nurse leaves work to go on her lunch break at 12:15. She plans to go to The Mcdonalds to grab a quick bite. On the way to Mcdonalds she approaches a Arby's. Her GPS system offers her a cupong for 2 for one roast beef sandwhiches. Not being able to pass up the offer she responds with a yes in acceptance, but before she can detatch her isave she has to give her e-mail address. After she completes her information she can use the card to recieve her savings.


When the tactics used to persuade are deceptive, the technology is unethical (p. 213).

The GPS Savings Card is unethical because of its intent. Although the product is advertised as a "Savings Card," which will give you just-in-time coupons for your favorite restaurants, the product is covertly tracking customer spending habits and gathering personal information from users, with the intention of selling the information to marketing companies for mass mailings and sales calls.

Of the 6 key ethical issues starting on page 215, this technology fits into a couple. First, it is unethical because it makes users vulnerable due to the newness of the technology which distracts them from realizes its intent. Second, it uses emotions to persuade. It cheers or cries depending on user interaction. However, it is unable to be affected by emotion.

Stakeholder Analysis



Restaurants that participate

Restaurants that don't participate

Marketing Research Company

Which Stakeholder Has the Most to Gain?

Which Stakeholder Has the Most to Lose?

Determine Ethics by Examining Gains and Losses in Terms of Values

Value and Assumptions We Bring to the Analysis

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