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===== Exercise - Exploring Twitter for Recomposing =====
This is an on-going exercise: Work on it every day, a few times a day, as you encounter moments when you have free time or when something is notable.

1. Take every opportunity to compose, re-compose, and re-circulate messages on Twitter in various ways. Put Twitter through it's re-circulating/re-composing paces. Try, for instance,
- appropriating tweets in various ways
- recirculating tweets in various ways, adding media et al
- composing to facilitate recomposition
- composing to try to prevent recomposition and recirculation
- ...

2. At the same time, gather notes and observations - neutral! stand outside! - concerning
- ways and means that twitter uses to makes recomposition possible: affordances, and the limits.
- how users re-compose: that is, what messages are recompositions (using criteria from Sheridan), and what are some of the ways that users perform the re-composition? You're watching, that is, for kairotic moments when implied audience becomes implied rhetor, and their techniques.
- ways that other applications and sites you encounter encourage or discourage re-composition, and how they channel it.

And others
- What does a viral cascade look like in rhetorical terms? A kind of kairotic storm?
- ...

Choose a way of capturing your observations
- create a new page on the wiki, titled ExploringTwitterForRecomposing - initials.
- Create a Storify account <> and use it to collect and annotate. If you use storify, publish your collection and tweet the url, including #erhet so we can look in.

I'm publishing on Storify as weblogsandwikis: <>

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