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=====Evaluation of the BSU Website Re-Work=====
>>**Interpretation** (chap 6) addresses the "So what?" the significance of your analysis. You're trying, in your work, to tell us something about the BSU web site, something we are better for knowing.

Your aim in creating an interpretation of the BSU web site by re-working it was to
- illustrate
- illuminate
- shed light on
- bring to the fore to let others think about

a **rhetorical** aspect of the BSU web site - and to do so in such a way that others can take something away. A new way of understanding the site, perhaps. Or an insight - even a small one - into web sites. It does not need to be earth shattering.>>
This is an informal setting. You can chat and mill about as you work.

Pin up or set up your work around the room.

Get 8 - 10 sheets of paper

Circulate. Review all the work.

Everyone comment on the 8 - 10 nearest to yours, like this -

Write down on your sheet what points/concerns/ideas about the BSU web site the work brings out, what insight it illustrates - and how you know that: In what in the work do you ground your observation about the work? Is it something visual? A tone or rhetorical stance towards the subject or viewer? Humor? Design? This is an exercise in description and analysis. Take the balcony view.

Then, on the same sheet, give your gut reaction to the work. Use 1 or 2 select adjectives and a star rating out of 5 to record your reaction. Think movie review.

You do not have to sign the sheet but you may if you wish. Leave the sheet near the work for the creator.

== Creator ==
Take the comments with you. Look them over. The viewers' responses are your notes. I'll record a point score taking into consideration what others have written about the work.

Compose a response. Give your own observations about your work and the responses to the work, based these questions.

- What did people interpret your point as being?
- How do those interpretations line up with the point(s) you were making?

- What aspect or feature of the work stood out for viewers?
- How did that aspect or feature seem to shape how viewers interpreted your point?
- What aspects were overlooked? Why, do you think?

- What expectations did viewers bring to their looking, expectations that seemed to shape how they responded?

I'm not asking you to focus on what //most// readers saw. Look at the //range//, the //variety// of responses, and what seems to lead viewers to their way of seeing. Meaning is not settled by majority rule, and I'm asking you to take a balcony view.

Include a paragraph or two explaining the changes you made and why you made them - in rhetorical terms.

You don't need to defend your work or make an argument why I should give at a particular grade. Take a balcony view of the entire affair.

Turn the comments in and your response in to me for review.


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