It is evident from the note above that the web page in observation is a personal web page. This is because the site doesn't contain any advertisement bubbles and which also suggests that there isn't lots of traffic on the site. Then if this is not the case then she has particularly done a good job of keeping her page uncluttered and also give the web suffer a sense of security.

The colors used give the page a calming feeling and they also (more so on her homepage) emphasize on her picture; within which she happens to be smiling, an inviting gesture to all traffic to her page. She also uses less text than other sites would include; this works to her advantage because it is clear and précis hence little time spent reading and siphoning though the site.

She also has specific details, i.e.: her name, her credentials, and her views about her inventions in bold text. This emphasizes on these details and draws attention to them at the same time.

It also appears that most of her text is organized in ascending order, whereby the most important is put first and the least important is last this is mostly captured in the 'about me' page and the invention page.

The words Emily Cummins are also in bold but bigger and reoccur on the top left side of every page. Furthermore the word Emily is in written in 'signature' type font. This both emphasizes on the font and also gives the page a classy and professional feel to it.
In general I think she might have achieved her goal, which was to tell all traffic that goes though her site about her inventions. Secondly, convey a feeling of professionalism through the web page and also try and get people interested enough to buy her product.

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