Dustin Waulk


Computer Science,
Electronic Writing minor



Crystal, MN

About Me

I'm a pretty quiet person until spoken to, it usually takes me a while to grow comfortable around new people. I'm very relaxed and try to not sweat the little things in life, I'd rather enjoy it than panic and worry. I love learning new skills and challenging myself to become better at everything. I grew up with friendly rivalries that taught me to always try harder and do better and I'm rarely satisfied with being average at something. I like video games for this reason, I can always push to do something faster or better. I also like disc golf for the personal challenge of doing better than the time before or becoming more consistent and confident in my shots.

Besides that I enjoy skating, soccer, MUSIC, movies and a good show to binge watch. I'm a CS major and have always had an obsession with electronics... the newest console, big TV, powerful PC, multiple screens and speakers that will probably leave me deaf someday. I enjoy spending time with friends but I'm by no means an extrovert. Sometimes I just shut in and spend time doing the things I enjoy. If you want to spark a conversation with me just mention your favorite game and I'll probably ask you why it isn't Halo 3 and then we'll talk about nerdy stuff all day.



Class Activities

WhatMakesThisRhetoricalDSW due Sep 1st

AspectsOfTheRhetoricalSituationDSW due Sep 8th

TextualizedRhetSitInATweetDSW due Sep 20th

ArgumentInTwoWebSitesDSW due Sep 28th

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