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I'm Destiny Sherman. I was born in Sacramento, CA, and have moved to many places before settling here in 1999 when I was 6 years old. I'm from Bemidji, MN and have been attending BSU since Fall 2012. I guess that makes me a double super senior? I'm currently living in Linden Hall B-wing for the fifth year, second floor for the second year. I have Work Study and can be seen working in Tamarack Hall as a student GMW Monday through Thursday from roughly 9AM-1PM, depending on the day. I am a Professional and Creative Writing major with minors in Biology and Psychology and a certificate in Electronic Writing. I am planning to graduate Spring 2018. I have three gorgeous betta fish in my room!

I like to take walks around Diamond Point Park, swing on the swings at Diamond Point Park, play my DS or 3DS, read various books (usually fantasy or science fiction), and play with animals. I do a lot of things online, such a read, post my art, blog, and chat over social media. I'm not a Facebook or Myspace person due to the immense drama there, but I have a Skype and a Discord to communicate with my friends. I'm an introvert and tend to hide in my room, though I'm trying hard this year to be more open to approach. I'm shy and quiet despite usually sitting in the front of the class. I'm a good listener and a huge nerd when it comes to monster hunting/catching games, like Pokemon. I'm not good at engaging others in a public setting so if I don't approach you for whatever reason, please don't take offense! It's me, not you!

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