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I believe that the rhetorical situation on Rice University's homepage consists of: An issue, and Audience and a list of Constraints. The issue would be, applying to and attending their school, the audience would be future students, and the list of constraints would include: Tuition costs, location, prerequisits to getting admission into the school, Degree's offered, On-line classes offered, and times and dates that the classes are offered. All of these constraints are arguably legitiment issues that could determine whether someone would or would not be able to attend Rice University.

When I first look at Rice University's homepage, the navy blue and light gray print immediately jump out at me. I tend to read top to bottom, cause my eye wants to see everything in cronological order of what I believe should be read first to last. So right away I see the title RICE in the top left corner and that jumps out to me because of the unique emblem featuring the schools mascot, the owl. I then immediately see information over load of general topics/headings that will direct me from the homepage to separate links which yields desired information. When I click on a link, I am immediately brought to a new page, which unveils informative, concise facts and updates which pertain to what the user was hoping to receive.

When I click on a picture or You Tube video I am immediately directed to a proceeding page which gives me information on the picture and it's objective or I am linked up to You Tube where I am asked to press play to watch a video. It does not automatically play. I have to press play manually.

The Overall look of the page is very professional and technical. The colors are neutral so it isn't to bold and/or loud for the user. It is very well organized and I believe reads in cronological order; top to bottom. It's easy to navigate through and I believe that whether you are technologically savy or not, you could find what you are looking for on this website.

MIT Description

I believe the rhetorical situation on MIT's homepage also consists of the issue, the audience and the list of constraints. The issue would be, who should attend MIT. The picture on the homepage shows 10 normal looking kids laying in the grass, laughing and having fun, but as you navigate around the website, you realize that this school is elite and only for the technical savy minded. The audience would appear to be both future students, current students, parents and faculty. Seeing as there are links created to pull in those specific groups. The constraints would consist of, demographic, tuition costs, knowledge of technology, and degree's/diplomas available to undergraduate and graduate students.

The text of MIT's homepage reads left to right and it is very well organized and spaced out, therefore making it pleasant to read and understandable to all. The font is a good size and brightly colored, aqua and white against a black background, making it attractive to the user. These colors pull me in and make me what to see more.

I think the exigence of this website ties into the fact that it is a short page with enough information to get you interested, but not to much to scramble your brain. It was planned out well in the fact that it doesn't take much time to navigate through the entire homepage quickly and effortlessly.

We are navigators of this homepage are pre-supposed to assume that we already who who, where and what MIT University is. It is a very popular university of technology in the US and the website doesn't go into detail about how elite or credited they are, because we are supposed to know that already. It appeals to the everyday person, even though, the everyday person does not and will not attend that university. I feel that this University modestly adorned this website so that they could get on a personal, trusting level with potential students. Almost the less is more plan of attack.

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