The page tells us that she is an inventor who has won awards for what she has done. We are told how she has become an inventor and given a small insight to what she likes her designs to be. The inventions she has made are environmentally friendly, and they are also something that can benefit anyone. Specifically the water carrier, made with African women in mind that have to carry water from long distances.

Emily Cummins is passionate about what she does, it states that right on the first page of her website. She has been interested in how things work and inventing things ever since she was little and her grandfather showed her how to make toys. The website has a very professional look. It is very clean and does not have too much going on to keep the eye wandering. It is also straight forward and tells the reader who she is and what she does right away so they are not left wondering.

The first picture shows her smiling and that implies she really does enjoy what she does and it makes her happy to help others the way she does. She shows herself in a professional manner but not in an uptight way. She uses different type for her name so it still looks professional but is not conformed to the one text like most people would expect.
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