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the font size gradually becomes smaller in the welcome slogan/headline/tag thing at the top of the home page
she has 2 links to her "about me" page
also 2 links to "current" and "speaking" pages, but the names for those are differing. the tab says "about me, current, speaking, media, blog, and contact" but in the text on the home page, are only 3 links: "about me, what i'm doing, and why i'm in demand as a speaker."

only her first name is signed, the last name is in type

the pic of her in a casual, friendly, welcoming pose convinces us that she is personable, attractive, and i assume that she is leaning on something she designed herself.
she is dressed in casual professional attire. her sleeves are 3/4. is wearing a sweater over collared shirt. is smiling. arms are overlapped, leaning on the metal object, her chin is leaning on her hands/arms. she is looking directly at the viewer. her hair is dark reddish brown. she is wearing very little makeup

on the left side of the home page are 3 chunks of text: text describing her/slogan, hyperlinked texts for about, current, and speaking, 3rd text is her logo.
The oval "buttons" or tabs, seem to match the funky holes in the "thing" cummins is leaning on. masked photo

there is not much text on the home page

there are 3 chunks of text in the about page, but the chunks are significantly larger than those on the home page - the header for this page matches the label in the button ("about me")

there are three new buttons that appear on the about page: about me, inventions, and awards - only the page currently displayed shows a button (you have to click the plain text/word before the button appears)

there are only 3 chunks of text in the inventions page (6, if you consider the headings chunks) - there is no unifying header for this page, only headers for each individual invention section

there are about 6 small chunks on the awards page -on that page, the header is "awards and achievements," but the button just says "awards"

There is no header at all for the "current" page, and there are only 2 chunks of text (not counting the logo, which appears on each page)

every photo appears on the right side of the page, and with the exception of the picture of emily as a child in the toolshed, all the pictures are "masked", with no background, look like they're floating in the air. the images are well-aligned with the text.

GLANDULAR REACTION:I am surprised that the "inventions" is listed under "about me" - i would have expected there to be a separate tab for that in a much more prominent place. after all, she is first and foremost, an inventor, right? so this persuades me that she really is more concerned with speaking/ or that her website is designed primarily for publicity agents, people/ schools who want to have her speak at conferences or their schools. and that convinces me, as a reader, that she really isn't the best inventor, and that i probably wouldn't want to commission her to design something for me, since that is not her priority.
I am also surprised that she only has 3 inventions. Doesn't seem overly impressive, which is prob why she hid the "inventions' page

Describe simple things: light blue background, grey font, black signature, what are patterns?
internal characteristics of site = form, style, organization, lines of argument
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