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The “message” of the page can probably be inferred as “Emily Cummins is a really good person who does many good things.” The context might be seen as a potential business relationship where a group, business, or organization may be considering an association with someone who outputs this type of public persona.

The site is of a simple, slide-show like design that uses colors such as light blue backgrounds contrast grays. The links are laid out as simple, contrasting buttons. Most pages have an image, most of which are cut-out style where the background has been eliminated and only the primary subject remains. The “Home” page has only a small amount of text, in large font with usage of bold words. The “About” page features a tabular design that allows you to get as much or as little depth in information as you would like about Cummins. The “Current” page simply spells out that Cummins is finishing college for Business Management. It Includes a photograph of her with several African children.

I think a rough summary of this website is that it was created for the purpose of giving a good public front to this particular person, Emily Cummins. I think the site is a tool used to effectively summarize the positive aspects and accomplishments of Cummins, giving a simple means for creating a way to easily “sell” this person to someone potentially interested in doing business with her. The layout of the website is such that you could present it almost as if it were a powerpoint of some product available for sale. The usage of light blues is probably for the calm appeal they are known to instill. The cut-out images keep the layout simple and free of clutter and distraction. The photo with the African children is probably there to reinforce the “goodness” and “caring-ness” of Cummins. I think the target audience is political and business people who may be interesting in having an association with someone with this kind of public persona and background.

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