On her home page, Emily Cummings has a little intrduction next to her picture. She chooses to capitalize her name, and the words Award-Wining Introduction, Sustainable Designs, and Change Lives. The color scheme of the page is almost completly black and white. There is a picture of her smiling and leaning against something that looks like a new filter system, but we can't tell what it is. then at the top of the page are links to the rest of the website. Underneath the introduction she invites us to read more, and find out why she is in such high demand as a speaker. On the about page, she has two paragraphs of text about how she got her start. Then she has a picture of her when she is very young in a messy shop. She also has a couple of new links inventions, and awards. On the current page she has a picture of her and a bunch of African kids smilling, and a couple more paragraphs of text. On the speaking page she has much more text, and no pictures which is different han her other pages. In the midle of her page she has link that says Book Me. On the media page she has a picture of her acepting an award. On her blog page She invites you to come back after her finals, and there is a picture of her holding a ball pein hammer. Then finally she asks you to contact her by e-mail, and she has a picture on her contact page of two african children holding some metal filter.


The rhetorical situation of this website, is that Emily Cummings is trying to convince anyone who views her website that she is a very good award winning designer who creates sustainable items. Her home page seems very professional, in her picture she is smiling and dressed very professionally. From her pictures on a couple of her pages, she appears to design things for people who don’t have a lot of money. So she designs things for those who are less fortunate.

On her home page she uses black and white colors. She has black on the top and bottom with light blue in the middle. She uses white text on black background and black text on a light blue background. She has a little introduction paragraph to the left of a picture of her leaning against a metal filter. In the introduction paragraph she chooses to emphasize certain words by making them bold. She puts in bold letters her name, Award-winning inventor, Sustainable designs, and change lives. Underneath the introduction paragraph she has a sentence with three links in it, about me, what I’m doing, and why I’m in demand as a speaker. Then she has her name stylized like a signature. On the top she has links to other pages of her website, on the bottom of the page she has copyright information.

On the about me page she has the same set of page layout. She has the links on the top in a black area, and the copyright information in a black area on the bottom with white text. In between these she has a light blue color with black text on it. To the right she has a picture of her when she was young in a messy shop. To the left she has two paragraphs of text underneath her stylized name, and three new links that take you to different about pages. One is inventions, and she has three paragraphs on the left with three corresponding pictures on the right of three different designs she has come up with. Then under awards she has a list on the left hand side that is organized by year news to oldest going down. On the right hand side there is open negative space. On the current page she has black on top and bottom and light blue again in the middle. Links on top and copyright on bottom. Then she has her stylized signature on the left with two paragraphs underneath it. Then a picture of her with some African kids smiling on the right hand side.

The character of this website, is that Emily Cummins is trying to convey that she is a kind, helpful person who is dedicated to helping other people with her designs. She wants you to know what type of things she is doing to try and make the world a better place with sustainable designs.

Notes 2

- Each page has a black heading and footing, with light blue in-between them.
- there are the same links on the top of each page. Home, About, Current, Speaking, Media, Blog, Contact
- on the bottom there is copyright information on each page. white text on black surface.
- paragraphs are not indented, and they have a space between each.
- Each page has a stylized signature
- each page has a photo on the right hand side and text on the left.
- the first photo is of Emily smiling leaning over a refigerator that she designed. she is looking at the viewer. her sleaves are rolled up, her hair is sholder length and brown, brown eyes. she is wearing black and the picture is
placed on the light blue surface, maching the color scheme
- the second picture is of her when she is young, about 4 years old. she is blonde in shorts and a t-shirt, she is in a messy shop with tools laying all over the shelves. there is a caption under the photo that says this is where it all
- she has the links in black on the light blue for more things related to about her. the inventions page has three pictures with her designs on a white background the same as the one of her as a child.
- the photo on the curent page is of her with seven african children smiling.

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