Descriptive Characterization

For many years, the government has been after the consumers and manufacturers of the smoking industry and are now pushing for even stronger measures. As it can be seen locally, smoking has gradually been removed from the public scene and that trend seems to keep increasing. This has bothered individuals of the smoking party, enough to make them feel as if all other rights of citizens are also in jeopardy. As a response to this sense of threat, the National Smokers Alliance has created another advertisement to address the issue confronting today's smokers.

The cartoon advertisement shows a man in the center of the page being pinned down by what the authors refer to as "lifestyle police." They are enforcing the beliefs of "No Red Meat," "Rub Out Leather," "Ban Coffee," "No Free Thinking," and "No Smoking," which are presented on post signs that are embedded in the ground and is what the man is being held down by. One character in the cartoon appears standing on the man's shoe shouting while another is seen petitioning for "No Red Meat" in the background. The man has a disconcerted look on his face as he is taken away by the regulations being enforced and how they create somewhat of a problem for him. The "No Smoking" sign, in hindsight, is not as easily represented as the other pressing issues, as seen in the forefront of the cartoon.

Above the picture, the advertisement title appears, "Restricting choices little by little can add up to a big problem," depicting how the government first starts with trying to ban the little things that appear to have no relevance. At the bottom of the page, the National Smokers Alliance makes a statement voicing there opinion on the overtaking and ruling of the "lifestyle police." They encourage the general public to call and stick up for the rights they still have before they are taken away.

Overall, the cartoon cleverly portrays the call for saving the right to smoke while addressing other rights that are not life-threatening but do affect people's everyday lives. The advertisement goes about in a wrongful way to compare smoking, which is a negative habit, to something as harmless as thinking. In the realm of the message trying to expressed, it draws attention from individuals who don't even contribute to the main objective. It makes a person think about how a couple of restrictions can lead to future problems, when nothing more can be done once everything is banned.
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