Exercise 1 pg 43-44

The ad is a full page with type at the top saying, (the letter R is bolded) “Restricting choices little by little can add up to a big problem.” Filling the middle of the page, there is a picture of a cartoon man wearing a suit and striped tie and dress shoes, being strapped down by two smaller cartoon men, each with large grins on their face. One is pounding a steak holding the large man down, the other is pulling the rope tighter. The large cartoon man has a scarred and worried look on his face. One smaller cartoon woman is holding a sign saying “NO RED MEAT” there are other small signs placed around the large cartoon man saying, “NO FREE THINKING,” “NO SMOKING,” “BAN COFFEE,” and “RUB OUT LEATHER.” There is a small cartoon police officer on the man’s left foot yelling at the large man with a baton in his left hand. He has a large star on his chest with a police officer’s uniform. There are three paragraphs located on the bottom third of the advertisement. The paragraphs contain information on “Big Government” and how they are trying to control our lives. They go on to talk about the “lifestyle police” and if we do not act now, we may lose our right to free choice. The last part of the ad says, “Defending smoker’s rights protects everyone’s.” National Smokers Alliance sponsors the advertisement with their logo in the lower left corner above “Defending smoker’s rights protects everyone’s.” The background of the advertisement is white, except for the bottom bar that is black. The advertisement is in black and white.

Characterization: The advertisement tires to get across the idea that if we give up the right to make the choice to smoke or not, we may in the long run be giving up our rights to other freedoms like wearing leather or drinking coffee, and even thinking for ourselves. They use the terms “lifestyle police” to scare people into thinking that there could be people in the future who will police their daily lives. They are

When I looked at the advertisement, you are only shown one side of the argument. I usually would disagree with anything defending smokers because they ruin the air of other non-smokers who would like to breathe clean air. But, when I looked deeper into the advertisement I started to see that they were trying to make the connection between taking away the right to smoke can in the long run take away other rights and freedoms. The cartoon is showing that government (police) are going to take away our rights, and they will “pin us down” and there will be nothing we can do about it. It’s almost like they are tying to make people feel stupid by saying if you think you can’t loose your rights to drink coffee, and to eat red meat, you can very easily. They are almost saying protect people that smoke because one day you may loose a right that was as petty as smoking a cigarette.
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