The advertisement on page 43 centers around a big business man being tied down by the small Lifestyle Police. At the top of the page it reads, in big letters, "Restricting choices little by little can add up to a big problem. The little lifestyle police are tying the big man to the ground with rope and stakes. There are signs surrounding the big man which say, "No Smoking", "No Free Thinking", "No Red Meat", "Ban Coffee", and "Rub Out Leather". The female Lifestyle cop is holding the "No Red Meat" sign and standing in the big man's left side. The other signs are lying on the ground or pounded into the ground. Two other Lifestyle Police are pounding a stake or holding a rope to keep the big man down. Standing on the tip of the big man's left shoe is another Lifestyle cop with a megaphone dressed in a police officer's uniform holding a baton and wearing a badge that says "Lifestyle Police". The big man has a worried or scared look on his face. The message coming from this advertisement says that is we allow the Lifestyle Police to take away our rights and privileges we have such as smoking, we will have nothing else left.


The advertisement starts with the line "Restricting choices little by little can add up to a big problem." That establishes a starting point to looking at the ad. The viewer can see that this ad talks about losing our choices at the very beginning but does not understand the full picture until they look further at the advertisement. As your eyes travel down the page, you see the cartoon of the man being tied down by the Lifestyle Police. The big man has a suit on which could mean he is high up on the social or political ladder. The look on his face is that of worry or fear of what is happening to him. The smaller people, of Lifestyle Police are tying the man down and holding signs that say "No Smoking" or "Ban Coffee". This could mean the Lifestyle Police want and are restricting peoples' rights such as smoking or drinking coffee. The text at the bottom of the ad talks about the Lifestyle Police controlling peoples' rights to smoke, to confirm the meaning of the cartoon.

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