Describing Facebook

Use common sense and decorum in choosing the profiles you will be working with.

1. Use a Planned Survey method for describing
refer to Stoner and Perkins chap 4, pp 46 - 58

Use notes, concept maps, diagrams and bullet lists to create and develop your description. Use wiki for notes and to create an organized prose description once you have a sketch, and expect to refine and revise your descriptions as you work.

Start with one Facebook profile
Add two more profiles, and continue describing.
You're seeking to characterize the Facebook profile page in general: What rhetorical devices can be used to cause action or ways of thinking, what choices can be made, the relations between audience and rhetor and how they interact. You're seeking to characterize the kinds of rhetorical exchanges that go on.

In characterizing the profile page, you're looking for patterns and regularities, similarities, and ranges in the elements. For instance
Language elements to watch for
2. Add more profiles
Add these to your list of descriptions to extend the range of variation and check the similarities.

3. Describing Context
See DescribingFacebookContext

4. Research
To further understanding of context, look to research, mainly in the popular press.
Work from a set of notes towards organizing your descriptions. Notes are initial observations in no particular order. But to characterize the messages, those initial observations need to be ordered, given some meaningful structure. Two techniques commonly used are concept maps and bullet lists.

And finally, advice from Stoner and Perkins, p 67
Inherent in precise description is a kind of analysis.... [D]escription and analysis are related and you will often find that some preliminary analysis happens as you work on description. That's good, and you should be preparted to notes ideas and message characteristics that merit further investigation when you intentionally begin the analysis of the message. However ... don't loose control when describing the message.

Get started in class. Members of your group will have to revisit your working page over the weekend to refine and reorganize and edit your descriptions, ready for our next class meeting.

Use wiki writing techniques to coordinate your efforts.

Options for group presentation:
* TextContextInteractionInFacebook
* PersuasionInFacebook

for interp: DoItYourselfFacebook
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