• Top banner “David’s Musing” describes the intended personal nature of the blog.
• Explores topics concerning “my experiences, opinions on life” including triumphs, failures, and influential people he has met.
• Three column organization.
• Left column begins with an “About Me” where David describes himself as “your average retired, middle aged, divorced guy.” A profile picture is included.
• Contains a “View my complete profile” link that activates another two column page. The left column contains a link which enables a full view of the profile picture, contact information, and user stats concerning his blogger activity. In the right column, which has twice the width, it lists his age, gender, and location. David, age 57, from Mobile, Alabama. Interests include writing, computers, cars, my truck, life experiences, and women (3X). Favorite movies, music, and books are named. Favorite books list includes “The Bible” and “Godfather.”
• Back on the main page, below the profile information, his favorite links (which are also embedded an image) are listed below that take you to additional blogs.
• Left column ends with traffic information and comments on the website. The comments are left by some viewers who appreciated the blog. These comments, which all encourage you to smile, are left by several blog participants, include the author David, who writes: thanks to all visitors and keep smiling!! good night!!!
• Right Column allows you to translate the page into another language, though the link doesn’t work, appears to be a advertisement to “Get Widget,” followed by the blog license agreements and a series of unrelated advertisement links that are non-specific concerning what they sell. One advertisement says “BMWF1 blog.”
• Right column ends with a blog archive that shows David has been writing since April of 2008, as confirmed by his profile.
• David has left an active blogger: average of 22 blogs per month, with the least being 18 during July 2008.
• Central Column contains blog post, begun by the date, with a title, a 3 paragraph text-based blog with general 1-3 photographs accompanying. Each paragraph has 8-15 sentences.


Obama's Legitimacy
• In this blog, dated February 26, 2009, the author discusses his opinions concerning certain people who have contested Barack Obama’s legitimacy as president, due to the absence of an original birth certificate.
• First paragraph establishes topic and begins to formulate his opinion. The author remarks that Obama’s legitimacy shouldn’t be such a big deal, and he finds the continuing pressure against Obama disconcerting. However, he also expresses that he does not share President Obama’s politics, refers to Obama supporters as “cult members,” and adds the he will likely vote against Obama again.
• The second paragraph continues with an embedded [article link] that describes how soldiers in Iraq are challenging the president as well, threatening to disobey his orders.
•The third paragraph briefly discusses David’s experience in Vietnam and concludes that disobedience within the armed service would be a “breeding ground for a military coup”
• Blog ends with the posting of a photograph of the birth certificate which reads “Barack Hussein Obama II. August 4, 1961. Honolulu, Hawaii 7:24 PM.”
• Two comments are listed below. DarthCalenwasMom (embedded link to Darth’s blog in the name) responds with a statement that the Supreme Court has refused to hear the case. David, the second comment, responds to his statement with an additional insight and ends the with “Thanks for your comment.”

Few Comments
• February 5th 2009 is titled “Few Comments Regarding This Blog,” where the rhetor announces that April 5th is his one year anniversary, and that he didn’t think he would “be going this long. I did all this on a lark after a couple of my “friends” pressured me to put my thoughts into a blog. So, I did just that.” He then briefly describes how he watched the blog grow.
• The blog is longer than the average blog, a total of 5 paragraphs usually 8 sentences long.
• Second blog admits David’s mistakes on the blog, including the “chat box” found on the lower left column. He concedes “I don’t mind people dropping by to let me know they were visiting or ‘smiling’ at all… What I don’t like are people advertising their product or site at my expense.”
• The next paragraph begins with “People asking to exchange links.” in italics, serves as a subtitle in the blog. The paragraph below it breaks down his reasoning for not exchanging links with other bloggers, and also offers the link to get posted in the comment section of any post
• The fourth paragraph, under the italics “Problems” simply requests that if anybody has problems with the site, either with a popup or slow loading, that they please contact David.
• The fifth paragraph announces that the site will be getting a ‘facelift” and offers an in-text link to David’s other blog, “Diary: Alone on Earth”
• He concludes with “Again, I appreciate all visitors here, especially my repeat visitors.”
• Three comments below. Josh, who seems to also have a site, agrees with David. David responds with additional insight to the blog, and ends with “Thanks for your comment, Josh.” A third comment, Paul Edward Hubert, says “Excellent Dave!”

Rambling Thoughts
• discusses the affect of the global recession on his hometown and describing how a local store had to close down and gives comments on the stimulus package
• without using names other than, “the Crackle Barrel,” he describes an incident “last Friday” where the Heimlich maneuver had to be used. The choker was apparently very embarrassed when the chicken dislodged.
• he briefly discusses the climate in his hometown and compares it with other places around the country, and concludes that he his “tired of worrying about hurricanes.”
• He also talks about local Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans returning home, that he is happy they are home. He also shares his status as a veteran, and advises the families to not ask too many questions.
• no comments posted.
• Image of the closed store top right, image of returning veteran on bottom left frame of blog.

Credit Card Applications
• Dated Tuesday, April 29 2008 – among the first posts
• first paragraph points out his high credit rating – established to make a point.
• describes the excessive amount of credit card junk mail he receives, and has asked to be removed from the list.
• tells about a car and a dog who have both been pre-approved for a credit card
• second paragraphs has links embedded in “credit score,” which links to wikipedia, and within a list of credit card companies, linking to respective companies homepages.
• no comments posted
• no images posted

Rambling Thoughts (September)
• Blog dated for the 30th of September, 2008; last day in September
• Author exclaims he “can’t believe” how quickly time passes.
• An image top right of the blog shows leaves outside a city turning colors
• first paragraph ends that he heard the TV already talking about Christmas; and imbedded link in Christmas takes you to which counts down the days to Christmas.
• John McCain, another embedded link to wikipedia, and the current happenings of the 2008 election is the subject of the second paragraph. He comments on Obama’s positive showing in the polls and claims Sarah Palin “isn’t qualified” and perhaps has “sealed McCain’s defeat.”
• The author embedded another link under “Pagerank” explaining why he was no longer ranked on Google. The link goes to another wikipedia definition.
• The last paragraph was personal in nature, discussing his recent visit to his mother and sister who are buried side-by-side at a local cemetery. A picture of a praying little girl statue accompanies the last paragraph.
• He saw what he presumed was a mother at the cemetery, grieving at the grave of her child. He expressed his desire to comfort her, but decides to keep his distance and concludes that he can’t fathom the pain of losing a child.
• three comments posted; one acknowledging how quickly time passes and the other on Pagerank.

Guantanamo Revisted
• Blog entry dated January 15, 2009, refers to an older post (May 17, 2008) on the same subject. The posts (both of the same topic) have a different tone then the other blogs encountered. Both posts approach the subject with heavy pathos and generate a total of 12 comments from participants.
• Appeals to pathos, using certain terminology such as “Muslim fanatics” and referring to Obama as “the Anointed One” while expressing his displeasure of the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison facility.
• He refers to those who disagreed with his views in the May 2008 blog as having “lost” their “common sense.”
• Image on top right is of captured man in an orange jumpsuit, being lead through the fences of Guantanamo
• Bottom right image shows protesters against the war carrying a pink sign that states “We support the murder of American troops.”
• Discussion follows the post, concluding that the last image had been doctored
• Content of the entry surrounds the treatment of Guantanamo prisoners, and the ethical reasoning and security needs for the prison’s operation.
• Uses italics often to stress certain points, and straight-forward persuasion that utilizes the shock imagery. For example: the possible decapitation of the reader’s spouse and children by Muslim fanatics.

The Lion Thing
• Dated for January 21, 2009, a blog entry titled “Amazing True Animal Story”
• Author announces that he is beginning to enjoy putting videos on his blog, and suggests that he may begin a “David’s Wednesday Video” series.
• The text portion introduces the video as a story of friendship and love, in which a lion is kept away from his trainers for an entire year in the African wild. When the trainers find his pride, the lion charges the trainers and takes a friendly leap into their arms. The background music is Whitney Houston, “I’ll Always Love You”
• Two comments are posted, one blogger suggests he is “bloghoppin’”

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