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for a more organized mess...

Obama's citizenship
Credit card applications (early post)
Another Random
Lion Thing
Take this video in context of the other posts.. i get the sense this dude needs a hug.

The Rest of the Story...

The $27,000 Phone Bill

When a Lie is Not a Lie?

Cats, Dogs, and Kids

The Recession



Each find six posts, link to here by Monday.
HA! I beat you! I found these six, and a seventh that is a video... the lion thing. So if you only wanted to find five, you could. I still think our subject rhetor is slightly creepy... I'll read over everything tonight.. how soon do we want notes and stuff up by?

Alright so here's my five. We're doing the description and analysis separately right? So should I take one of the links that you found? I'm planning to have my description up sometime tonight.

So I'm not sure how we are going to do this. Sorry that I can't be there tomorrow. I made a separate link for the stuff I am writing about DavidsMusingsKEG. I am guessing in class you'll probably pull things together. Feel free to copy and paste anything that you think needs to be on the main page. I am not sure if we were supposed to have everything on one or two pages. I'll leave that up to you (: Katy

So how was class on thursday? It looks like the groups didn't work on the analysis? Is is not due yet?

Hey, so i've worked on my analysis, i was hoping that you would get back to me on how exactly we are supposed to do this. Do you want to meet sometime tomorrow to go over how we should present?

Sorry! Class in like four hours and I never got back to you. We'll wing it and be fine...??
I am going to spend the next four hours trying to match stuff up between your work and mine. What I'm going to do is read yours about a ten times, compare it with my notes, and then write additional analysis (depending on what isn't repitition) and you'll see a crapload of description about my blogs. I went through them thoroughly which will help us find other things to talk about, but I missed a lot of the BIGGER things like.. patters of repition. Between the two of us, we should have a lot to say.

p.s. its up, i'm taking a break.
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