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Hello fellow classmates! My name is Craig Sorby and I am currently a senior at Bemidji State University majoring in Creative and Professional Writing with a minor in Electronic Writing. Chapters one and two of my adult life were a career in the U.S. Coast Guard, followed up by a combo platter of log home builder and contractor salesperson/home and kitchen designer with a large lumber yard. I am looking forward to chapter three, a career in writing. This should be much easier on the body as well as the psyche! Contractor sales in 2009 - uffda...

My specific writing interests are in creative nonfiction; although, I do enjoy dabbling in fiction, but poetry - not so much. I built an outdoor cooking blog in the Weblogs and Wikis course during the spring of 2014 semester, and I am currently in the process of retooling that site. This retool consists of putting enough content in the can that I will be able to keep a consistent posting even when I am busy with school and life. Life consists of a wonderful wife, and three adult children and three adult step children, so as you can imagine there is always someone in play with the issue du jour. Not Your Father's BBQ is still written as a class project, and that is also part of the retool which is to bring it up to professional blogging standards if you will.

I have attended lots of previous classes with many of my current classmates this semester with exception of this particular course. So, I am looking forward to meeting and interacting with all these new faces in class as well as the names online.

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