Course Syllabus

Texts for Fall, 2012

The texts are available online more cheaply than the price at the BSU Bookstore. You'll need Longaker and Walker right away.

Longaker, M and J Walker. Rhetorical Analysis. Longman Pearson, 2011.
Myers, Greg. The Discourse of Blogs and Wikis. Continuum, 2010.

Tues 28 Aug

for Thurs: Start Seeing Rhetoric
For Thursday, I'd like you to read the statement I handed out in class. You'll likely read it in multiple ways. For instance, you'll probably read the text to get the information of what the course entails. And you'll probably read it to get a sense of the course itself - that is, to characterize the course as it is represented in the statement in various ways, by various means. It's those "various means" we're interested in for Thursday.

I'd like you compile a list of affordances - elements, features, moves, things - that you see operating in this statement that make it a rhetorical message - elements that operate rhetorically. Make your list on a piece of paper, a card, the print out of a digital file, whatever - but something you can hand to me on Thursday at the beginning of class. There are at least a dozen kinds of affordances, probably dozens - depending on how fine grained your observation.

Thurs 30 Aug

for Tues 4 Sept

Tues 4 Sept

Thurs 6 Sept

Tues 11 Sept

for Thurs, class time Thurs 13 Sept

Thurs 20 Sept

Tues 25 Sept

Thurs 27 Sept

Tues 2 Oct

Thurs 4 Oct

Tues 9 Oct Questions we will address on Thursday Tues 23 Oct

Class cancelled for Tuesday. Prof Morgan is ill. (But ENGL 4709: DH will meet at 4:00).
  • For Thurs 25 Oct, Myers, chaps 1 - 2. Read and take notes on these chapters. Myers is introducing a historical background and rhetorical context for weblogs and wikis. There are some terms to become familiar with - affordances, sphericules, genre, others - so take note of them.

Thur 25 Oct

  • Welcome back. I'll be giving you notes on your work in this class so far next Tuesday.
  • Discussion on Myers, chap 1 - 2: weblogs, genres, affordances, sphericules

Tues 30 Oct Thurs 1 Nov Tues 6 Nov

Thurs 8 Nov For Tuesday, class time Tues 13 Nov Thus 15 Nov and Tues 20

  • Presenting what you've found, parts 2 and 3.

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Tues 27 Nov

Update: 10:00 am: E-Rhet is cancelled for today. Read Myers, chap 6 to prepare for the final project. See you Thursday.

Note: Digital Humanities will meet as usual at 4:00.

Thurs 29 Nov

Tues 4 Dec

Thurs 6 Dec


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