Course Syllabus

Texts for Fall, 2011

The texts are available online more cheaply than the price at the BSU Bookstore. You'll need Longaker and Walker right away.

Longaker, M and J Walker. Rhetorical Analysis. Longman Pearson, 2011.
Meyers, Greg. The Discourse of Blogs and Wikis. Continuum, 2010.

Lanham, Richard A. A Handlist of Rhetorical Terms, 2nd ed. U of California Press, 1991. Used, new, or Kindle,

Tues 23 Aug

Thurs 25 Aug

Tue 30 Aug

Thurs 1 Sep

Tues 6 Sep

Thurs 8 Sep

Tue 13 Sep

Thur 15 Sep

Tues 20 Sep
pick up where we left off on Tues, 13 Sep

Thurs 22 Sep

for Tues, 27 Sep

Thur 29 Sep

for Thurs

Tues 4 Oct

Thus 6 Oct

Tues 11 Oct

  • A look at images for the Moleskine text: Interpretation

Thurs 13 Oct

Tues 18 Oct

Thur 20 Oct

Tues 25 Oct

Thurs 27 Oct

Tues 1 Nov

Thurs 3 Nov

Tues 8 Nov

Thurs 10 Nov

Tues 15 Nov

Thur 17 Nov

Tues 22 Nov

Tues 29 Nov

Thurs 1 Dec

Tues 6 Dec: Last day of class meetings


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