Course Syllabus 2009

completed work is posted here

Required Texts for Spring 2009
Stoner, Mark, and Sally Perkins. Making Sense of Messages. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2005. Amazon

Fogg, B.J. Persuasive Technology. SF: Morgan Kaufmann, 2003. Amazon

Thurs 15 Jan

deadlines for Thurs 22 Jan

for Thurs 29 Jan
Due by dawn, 29 Jan.
Thurs 29 Jan

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Thurs 12 Feb
Groups present
Those who did not present on Thursday, review your ProfilePage analysis and mark in bold or strikeout those statements that are interpretive or evaluative rather than descriptive or analytical. I'd like to get a sense of where you are at in seeing these differences.

Blog Project
Updated 25 Feb: for Thurs 26 Feb

Thurs 5 Mar

Update Mar 5, 9:00 am. E-Rhetoric will meet as usual at 4:00

for Thurs 5 Mar: WeblogProject and HandListOfWeblogs
Morgan's NotesOnMethodfromStonerAndPerkins

Refer to the HandlistOfWeblogs for rhetorical affordances to use in your description.

Thurs 19 Mar

Thurs Mar 26

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Thurs April 2

Thurs April 9
Postponed owing to hockey game.

for Thurs, 16 April

Thurs April 16

Thurs April 23

Use the wiki for text descriptions and notes for your presentation. Drawings or mock ups can be done in an appropriate medium.

Weds, May 6: UPDATE

I've had to cancel the scheduled final meeting time owing to a meeting with the administration. Please sign up as a group for a time below. I can meet with two groups in an hour. Refer to the email I sent on Tuesday morning.

Weds, 6 May

Final Exam Schedule
Presentations FinalPresentationBGB

Persuasive Media: Can You Talk and Drive at the Same Time?
Take the Driving Challenge
And no whining about driving on the left, ok?

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Morgan's Notes

Elements of Electronic Rhetoric

ENGL 3179/5179
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Thurs April 23
  • Persuasive Technology, Chaps 8- 10
  • For final: In groups, create a conceptual design for an ethically suspect technology - the more suspect, the better (213). This can be a web site or a device, static or mobile. Present your design at final. Include
    • a description of the device or site. Draw on chapters 3 - 5 to describe how the device works.
    • drawings or mock ups if appropriate
    • a scenario or two that illustrates how the device would be used. See openings of chaps 8 ad 9 for examples of scenarios
    • a consideration of the ethicality of the device's using search model on pp 233ff as a guide.

Use the wiki for text descriptions and notes for your presentation. Drawings or mock ups can be done in an appropriate medium.

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