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**Characterization of Page**
The page provides an easy-to-read approach to the College of Arts and Sciences. Its main point does not seem to make the reader want to read it by having bold interesting colors to attract the eye. It provides readers with a appropriate amount to look at/read without going overboard. The page seem to emphasize the college, not just the College of Arts and Sciences, but also Bemidji State University by incorporating the school colors and logo. Each link on the right side of the page under Departments and Programs brings the reader to the department web page. The pictures provide a look at some people at (supposedly) Bemidji State University.

**Characterization of Content**
The content of the page provides an insight into what the College of Arts and Sciences is really all about. It provides the reader the information they need to know about the programs offered in the College. It engages the audience by adding links to provide even more information than is on the first page.
The content of the page talks about the programs available to students who attend Bemidji State University. It talks about the faculty who are available to provide assistance and "promote excellence" in the College of Arts and Sciences. The links on the page lead the audience to more information about the College and different programs available to students. The headings of the text are: "Preparing for an Ever-Changing World", "Becoming Creative, Independent Workers", "Learning through Cooperative Relationships", "Expanding Perspectives through the Liberal Education Core", and "Sharing Acclaimed Expertise"; they are based on topics important to the career of a college student. The picture on the left shows the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and provides an way of contacting her.

The approach is mostly deliberative but there is a hint of epideictic along with it. The page talks mostly about the future of students at BSU but it also talks a bit about the experience of the professors and how they help the students in their learning process.
**Rhetorical Properties**
- The word choice of the page is very formal. There are no slang words or contractions, like in dialogue of a piece of fiction.
- On most verbs in the text end with -ing, perhaps meaning the rhetor is talking in present and/or future tense, which could indicate the deliberative approach to the page.
- Some visual images include "ever-changing world". In the section entitled "Learning through Cooperative Relationships" there are image verbs such as "formulate", "search", and "develop".

**Patterns of Rhetorical Properties**



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