Hello! My name is Cody Madison and I am currently a Junior/Senior English Education Major. I say Junior/Senior because I am in my junior year while having a senior amount of credits... it's a bit convoluted. I would like to consider myself an aficionado of improvisational comedy and hope to start up a club on campus this semester (sort of like a hobby). Besides improv comedy, my other big hobby is film studies: I love watching movies but love criticizing them more, both constructively and critically.

Why I've decided to be an English Education Major is a bit of a weird story. I've always been good at English (language and grammar skills at least) and since Bemidji did not offer Theater when I came here, I was sort of obliged by something inside me to pursue the career. English Teachers have always sort of impacted my life in a big way, so I hope to accomplish what they've done in my life with other students.


I also own this beautiful suit

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