Christine Belgarde

Hi there.
My name is Christine Belgarde, I’m a born (and raised) Minnesotan, and currently live in Grand Rapids. This is my senior year at BSU, and the plan is to finish with a B.A. in liberal studies with an emphasis on writing, a minor in mass communications, and a certificate in electronic writing.

As a writer with a knack for conversational writing, I often utilize my wit and off-beat humor to not only inform, but entertain. Strong examples, of this type of writing can be found on my blog, 13 Days of Halloween, where I write about all things Halloween, including the horror genre (both popular and how-the-hell-did-I-find-this), obscure creepy melodies, and whipping up macabre (yet tasty) cuisine in the kitchen. Anywho . . .

I have 3 grown children and 2 granddaughters:

There are also 2 cats in my life:

They are my center.

When I’m not writing, I’m working at my area community college in its writing center as a professional writing tutor. Essentially, this means I help students (across the disciplines) with the daunting task of producing papers/projects of high academic quality. I also work part-time as a crisis advocate for Advocates for Family Peace. This consists of answering the after-hours crisis line and handling crisis situations (in Itasca and St Louis County), primarily on weekends or week nights. My hobbies include: casual gardening, creepy crocheting, and currently binge-watching episodes of Psych.


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