Hi, my name is Christa Smith and I am a junior at BSU. I transferred from Normandale Community College and this is my first semester here. I grew up in Bloomington, Minnesota and I came from there to here in about four hours. My plan is to graduate from here with a BFA in creative and professional writing. From there, I'll most likely pursue a career as a technical and freelance writer. The reason why I chose to continue my edication at this particular school is because of its fantastic english department and also the fact that my family owns a cabin up here on Leech Lake near the town of Walker. I figure once spring comes I can commute from here to spend some time over there. Some of my favorite activities include swimming, fishing, and playing an occasional round of disc golf when warm weather is upon us. Otherwise, my hobbies are writing and reading short stories and a little bit of poetry (I'm not much of a poet), watching movies, fiddling around on my computer, and goofing around with friends.

I'm a pretty shy person when first encountered, but I assure you I am very friendly. I can be a wallflower most of the time, though. I have a great interest in music. I'll listen to almost anything, but my main stuff is alternative and classic rock. Before I became a college student, I was a musician. From the beginning of fifth grade through twelvth grade and about two years after that, I played the clarinet. I was in marching band all four years of high school (Thomas Jefferson Senior High, class of '05), and will forever carry the invisible badge labeled BAND GEEK on my chest. There are times when I wish I could pick the clarinet back up and start playing again, but I'm often too distracted to fully devote myself to it. However, I have kept a small tie to music. Before I came here, I worked at Schmitt Music in Edina. I've been there for over two years and will probably go back to working there when I return home on long breaks and during the summer.

My Favorite Foods

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