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Planned Survey

1.My initial reactions were that links seemed easy to find and the headings were apparent and clear.

College of Health Sciences & Human Ecology
  • Focusing on People, Communities and Civic Engagement
  • Preparing Global Citizens
Right hand margin
  • Departments and programs
    • Criminal Justice
    • Nursing
    • Physical Education, Health & Sport
    • Professional Education
    • Psychology
    • Social Work
  • Integrative Programs
    • Honors Program
    • Humanities
    • Indian Studies
    • International Studies
    • Liberal Studies
    • Pre-Professional Studies
    • Religious Studies
    • Science Program
    • Social Studies
    • Women's Studies

Contact information
Sattgast Hall 323
Phone: (218) 755-2965

1500 Birchmont Drive NE
Bemidji, MN 56601

Links to Majors Included in this College

Minors Offered in this College

3. They use a photo for the banner showing a professor holding a discussion. The links to each major and n=minor encourage students to veiw what this college has to offer in their particular study.

4.Thing that are missing in this page are short attention grabbing sentences. Embeded links in the text are not displayed. The headings do not stand out for the list of links for the majors and moinors.

Description of the landing page

College of Health Sciences & Human Ecology

Taking a look at the page as soon as it is opened, I notice the banner. The banner consists of a single picture containing a man talking to other people. Unlike some banners this is the only picture that is presented. The only other picture presented on the page is one of a middle aged women that I assume is Dr. Patricia Rogers but I do not know that for sure to be true. I am lead to believe this due to the names linked below the picture.

Above the banner are links to the BSU homepage, along with ones to, Studentsm Faculty/Staff, myBSU, Search, Directory, and Contact. Slight below those links are another set of links that include, Home, Academics, Colleges, and College of Health Sciences & Human Ecology. The Bemidji State logo is a link to the BSU hope page. In the right hand margin are a list of link. These are links to Departments and programs Criminal Justice, Nursing, Physical Education, Health & Sport, Professional Education, Psychology, and Social Work. Right below are another set of links to the Integrative Programs. These includes, Honors Program, Humanities, Indian Studies, International Studies, Liberal Studies, Pre-Professional Studies, Religious Studies, Science Program, Social Studies, and Women's Studies. In teh left hand margin are a few more thinks. On is to Dr. Patricia Rogers. Below the contact information in the left hand margin is a link to the schools and colleges at Bemidji State University. Under that link is one that allows to you to give to the College of Health Sciences & Human Ecology.

Characterization of Page 200- 500

Description of Context 700-800

Characterization of Context 250-500


Rhetorical proporties

Patterns of Rhetorical Properties

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