Chapter Eight Notes

Ethic - mannerisms that are valued, they enable people to get along. Also carries over to
character respectability. Trust based on character.
Situated ethos - credibility through authenticity. Not necessary to gain an audience's trust.
Psyche - identity separate from public.
Metis - excellence at portraying an identity.
Identification - becoming 'substantially one' with another person of association, but retaining
one's unique personality. This is what moves audiences.
Burke's three principles of identification:
1. To feel consubstantial
2. division from one is necessary to unite with another
3. Identification is never complete, but always desired
Hypercorrection - perfect grammar, appears as if rhetor is trying too hard. Seeks status.
Occasional but disregarded error - exactly what it means. More laid back and not socially conscious.
Habits - naturalized, everyday behavior. These are largely unnoticed.
Hexis - set of habitualized manners that when taught and learned can lead people to behave
Habitus - a set of socially significant behaviors that are learned, repeated, recognized but
often go unnoticed.
Ironic habitus
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