Survey Method

Planned Survey
1.) Read over the landing page several times to get an understanding of the whole page.
2.) Make note of the initial reactions and then question what contributed to the reactions.
-Very bright colors drew my attention, especially red and yellow, in the main picture in a banner across the top and in the picture of the dean (found along the left-hand side of the page). The landing page is divided into three sections, that contain the header, body, and footer, that have rounded edges and look like "bubbles". The landing page contains a large portion of white of tan color. Within the body, there are three columns; one on the left-hand side, one in the middle containing the main text, and one on the right-hand side. The individuals in the pictures are either very involved in the topic of conversation or aren't very interested in the discussion. A relatively common theme in color is seen throughout the text on the landing page.
-The bright colors drew my attention because they are very visible and stand out. The three sections were recognized because it is where the information is contained within the landing page and they set themselves apart from section to section fairly obviously. The light choice of colors were especially seen because the columns are wide (which contains the tan color) and then the background of the text is white (throughout the entire landing page). The expressions of the people are very important as this is a way for the school to try and sell itself and hopefully the individuals are coming across as very interested and involved. Also, the common theme in color is represented from column to column as it indicates headers for specific columns and/or titles.
3.) Express the layout of the landing page, what is in it and how things are organized.
-Across the very top of the page, there is the Bemidji State University logo with a top header navigation tab that covers the width of the page. Below this, there are four links also used to navigate to other academic locations pertaining to Bemidji State University, which has no special "bubble" but is embedded in the tan background. Next, a large, colorful picture is displayed as the first part of one of the sections, the header which is very colorful. Following this picture "bubble" is the second part of the sections; the body section that contains the three columns. The last section is the footer, which has six titles directing individuals to specific categories followed by subtitles to the main titles. At the very bottom of the page, it gives the 'Privacy', 'Accessibility', and 'Terms of Use' as well as the school's contact information.
4.) Explain specific devices that possibly drew attention and caused particular ways of thinking.
-The pictures and use of colors caused
5.) Note anything that is missing that is relevant and question why it is not present.

Description of page

The landing page is divided into three sections that initially contain three main sections: the header, body, and footer. All sections are divided into shapes that look like "bubbles" because they have rounded edges. Across the very top of the page, there is the Bemidji State University logo in a hunter green colored font within a top header navigation tab that covers the width of the page. The top header navigation tab contains the BSU logo on the left-hand side and six links on the right-hand side. These six links include Students, Faculty/Staff, myBSU, Search, Directory, and Contact. All of them are in in the hunter green text except for myBSU, in which 'my' is in red and 'BSU' is in black. Below this, there are four links listed that are also used to navigate to other academic locations pertaining to Bemidji State University. They include Home, Academics, Colleges, and College of Arts & Sciences, are hunter green in color, and are embedded in the tan background that is seen in the margins of the page.

Under these links, a large, colorful picture is displayed as the first part of one of the three sections. This header shows that at least six individuals are present at the particular event. Following this picture "bubble" is the second part of the sections; the body section that contains three columns. The three columns are found as follows: one on the left-hand side showing a picture of the dean, her contact information, and two links of 'Colleges & Schools' and one to 'Give to the College of Arts and Sciences'; one in the middle that contains the main text explaining what the College of Arts and Sciences has to offer; and the column on the right-hand side giving three titled links as well as subtitled links to programs that are offered at Bemidji State University. The three titled links are 'Departments & Programs' and has 24 subtitled links, 'Integrative Programs' which has ten subtitled links, and 'School of Graduate Studies' which doesn't have any subtitled links. The three titled links are embedded in a text box with hunter green being the color of the background in the box and the text is in white. As for the subtitled links, they all have black-colored text. The columns on the left and right-hand side of the body bubble each account for about a fourth of the column width and the middle column accounts for the remaining half of the width. The text in the main column contains five different titled sections. The titles are bold and in black text while the rest of the information is black text. Within the main column text, there are three words that appear as red, underlined colored text and are links. These three words are 'degree programs', 'programs', and 'Liberal Education'.

The last section is the footer, which has six titles directing individuals to specific categories followed by subtitles of the main titles. The specific categories include 'Admissions', 'Academics', 'Campus Life', 'Offices', 'Alumni & Foundation', and 'News & Info'. These categories are in the hunter green text and are separated by a from one another by a thin, vertical gray line. There are at least four subcategories per category but no more than six. The bottom fourth of the footer section is separated from the rest of the footer due to a light shading of gray. In the shaded area, a logo appears with the saying 'Bemidji State University is a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system' on the left hand side in black text. On the right hand side of the shaded area, the saying 'Shaping Potential, Shaping Worlds' appears with the hunter green color being the text and the font being of a cursive writing style.

On the very bottom of the page and on the left hand side, after the footer bubble, the copyright symbol is shown followed by 2009, which is in gray colored text. After the copyright and separated by small, vertical gray lines, appear the words 'Privacy', 'Accessibility', and 'Terms of Use' all in red colored text and underlined to represent a link. Under this in gray text is 'Bemidji State University is an equal opportunity educator and employer'. To the right of this is the phone number (both local and toll free) and address to Bemidji State University.

Characterization of page

The landing page is set up in a very professional mannerism. It ties into the message of what the college is trying to do: to get students ready for the professional world within the three respected disciplines. Although the three pages are directed at representing the specifics of each particular college, there is also the identification of how it is related to Bemidji State University overall, especially with all the links suggesting further information.

The page also is very informative and lays the foundation of the college. It is used as a way to promote its college but in a manner that doesn't try to sell itself. The option is there and available if interested students want to seek more information in a specific topic.

The layout is simple and is very user-friendly. As stated later, the rhetor assume the audience has a general knowledge of the use of the internet. The length is not too short but also not too lengthy. The overview of the college relays information and if a potential student is interested in learning more, the option is available to connect to more specifics with the included links throughout the layout of the page.

The pictures allow the audience to become involved and get a sense of the atmosphere. One common theme in the pictures used in the headers for the College of Arts & Sciences and the College of Business, Technology, & Communication is that they show faculty. The picture on the College of Health Sciences & Human Ecology shows faculty involved with the student population.

Description of context

Specific Circumstances
Of the three colleges represented under Bemidji State University, they all differ in a few aspects. The College of Arts & Sciences offers "degree programs in humanities, social and natural sciences and the fine arts." They offer 34 majors and 28 minors to choose from. As for the College of Health Sciences & Human Ecology, they have six departments which "prepare students for professional careers in the behavioral, social and health sciences." For the third school, the College of Business, Technology, & Communication, they offer degrees in "accounting, business administration, physics, mass communications and technological studies" and prepare graduates "to enter rewarding 21st century careers in business, technology, information management and communications."

In all the landing pages, the headers are the same in the sense they all contain a picture, but the picture is represented by the respected college. The College of Business, Technology, & Communication header shows a picture of one faculty member, the College of Arts & Sciences show a picture of six faculty members present, and the College of Health Sciences & Human Ecology show two faculty members involved in an experiment by two students.

Similar Circumstances or Similar Messages
Within the landing pages of the different colleges, many themes appear throughout all three. All are laid out in a similar fashion to address the same issues and information each college has to offer. They all have the format of a header, body, and footer and the same outline for the text and colors used. All three name the dean of the college with his or her contact information, provide links that direct interested individuals to ways to give to the specific colleges, addresses what the particular college offers and how faculty work to prepare students for future opportunities, and also further links related to the departments and programs within a certain college.

The header in all the landing pages all contain pictures but related to the specific disciplines (as described above).

Rhetor and Audience
The pages are intended to be informational to interested individuals wanting to pursue college. The pages of the respected colleges are all the same; straight-forward and very factual. The details discussed on each page stay away from trying to persuade a person but rather lays out the evidence for observation.

The rhetor has assumed that the audience of the three landing pages are familiar with the internet, as many links are seen throughout the pages. The general overlay of the programs are explained but there is also the option of obtaining more information if wanted.

Characterization of context

On all three landing pages of the colleges, the same layout of the text is followed. All have the main three sections of the header, body, and footer but with different information. The information in the body all contain three separate columns with information of the dean on the left-hand side, an overview of the specific colleges in the middle column, and links to other areas directly related to the colleges.

The three colleges express the same general outlook but said in relatively different terms on there particular pages. They talk about preparing students for professional careers and/or those who are interested in furthering their education. The content does differ when the colleges talk specifically about how many and which majors and minors they offer as well as which areas of study they cover.

The contents within the top header navigation tab and the information in the footer are identical from page to page. The color of the text is also similar, which makes it easier for the audience to connect and relate to the different pages. The colors chosen for the text represent Bemidji State University in a way that connects all the programs together. The similarities show how everything is connected in one way or another.


Rhetorical Properties

Patterns of Rhetorical Properties



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