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1. Read
2. Initial Reactions: really large picture of an “old guy,” seems more like a company web Site than a college web Site, I cant really tell what Carol L. Nielson looks like from the photo.
3. The page is set up in three sections. The left is the contact information. The center is the content about the school. And the right is the different departments you can choose.
4. Underlined words in red with links capture the readers attention. Large picture of an older man seems to say they have an older student population and that school here is serious.
5. Classes in each area, teachers in each area, photos of young students, FAQ section

Description of Page

College of Business, technology, and Communication

The URL for the page is The header of the page is small with the university’s symbol of 3 pine trees on wave lines in an oval shape. The logo is followed by “BEMIDJI STATE UNIVERSITY.” There is a small space and on the far right side of the page are links to Students, Faculty/Staff, myBSU (my in red characters), Search, Directory, and Contact. Each link is separated by dotted vertical lines.

The header continues with a large picture of a older man (50+) holding a green piece of paper and looking at it intently. As you refresh the page, the photo changes. No one is posing for the photo, they are taken candidly. The background of the photo contains chairs and a desk. The man is sitting by two people. The shoulder of one person who is wearing a grey shirt is in the photo to the man’s right and on the man’s left is a woman with a short haircut who is not in focus in the photo.

Under this photo is the page title: College of Business, Technology, and Communication. There are three sections to the site, the Left, center and right.

The Left side of the site contains a small picture of a woman in a black shirt looking down. She is sitting in a desk. Underneath the photo is the name “Carol L. Nielsen” in blue font color and underlined. (The photo is of Carol L. Nielsen) Underneath her name in smaller grey font is “Intern Dean, College of Business, Technology and Communication.” A few spaces down says:

Office of the Dean
Decker Hall 110
Phone: 218-755-3732

1500 Birchmont Drive NE
Bemidji, MN 56601

There is a horizontal line separating the address from the following:
Colleges & Schools (underlined & red font color). It is a hyperlink. Underneath this are the words: Would you like to Give to the College of Business, Technology, and Communication? (Also underlined and red font color) It is a hyperlink.

The far right side of the page has three main groups separated by blue boxes: Departments & Programs, Integrative Programs and School of Graduate Studies. Each of these titles links to their respective pathway pages.

Departments & Programs has a 5 links below it: Accounting, Business Administration, Mass Communication, Physics, and Technological Studies.

Integrative Programs has 10 links below it: Honors Program, Humanities, Indian Studies, International Studies, Liberal Studies, Pre-Professional Studies, Religious Studies, Science Program, Social Studies, and Women’s Studies.
School of Graduate Studies is the last group with no links underneath it.

The center of the site contains the descriptive information on the page. The title of the description of the College of Business, Technology, and Communication is “A World of Opportunity Awaits.” All the headings are sentence fragments.

The text underneath the title describes how the programs at Bemidji State will prepare a student for graduate school or internships. There are two paragraphs each with 2-3 sentences making up the paragraph. The second paragraph has 4 internal links.

There is another title called “Faculty Blend Theory and Real-World Experiences.” This paragraph has 2 sentences. Each sentence ranges from 18-20 words in each paragraph on the site.

There is another title called “Programs Prepare the 21st Century Professional.” Following the title is on sentence followed by all the different programs offered in the College of Business, Technology, and Communication. Each department links to its particular department page. Under each program, there are bullets stating the type of degree that can be earned in that particular department. The number of bullet marks ranges from 2- 10.

The bottom section of this site is a pathway page linking to different departments at BSU.

Underneath this section is the title “Minors,” (hyperlink) followed by a list of 8 bulleted minors available at BSU. Each linking to their respective titles.

This section is followed by the title, “Departments & Programs,” (hyperlink) followed by 5 bulleted departments and programs available at BSU. Each linking to their respective titles.

Underneath this section is the title “Integrative Programs,” (hyperlink) followed by the 10 bulleted integrative programs offered. Each linking to their respective titles.

The final section of content is a hyperlink to “School of Graduate Studies. This thinks to its respective title.

The footer of the site is separated into 6 sections by vertical lines: admissions, academics, campus life, offices, alumni & foundation, and news & info. Underneath each are links relating to that particular topic. Each column has 5-7 links. All are internal links.

Underneath this section is the Minnesota State Schools symbol followed by “Bemidji State University is a member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.” Bemidji State’s mission statement is on the right side of the page saying “shaping potential, shaping worlds.” (in cursive blue handwriting type)

The final two lines of the site states the year the site was created, 2009 followed by links Privacy, Acessiblity, and terms of use each separated by dotted vertical lines. Underneath this line states “Bemidji State Universtiy is an equal opportunity educator and employer.”

The right side of the site gives Bemidji State’s phone number and address.

Characterization of the Page

The characterization of the page begins as professional and academic. The organization of the site makes it have easy readability as well as the white background with black and red font to distinguish between links and non links.

Half of the page is a pathway page, allowing people to look up the different programs offered at Bemidji State University and the different degrees available for students.

The photos are serious, and professional making the site seem that way as well. The large banner photo at the top of the page takes up a lot of space, and it really is something someone who looks at the page sees.

The page looks like a site for a company or a business. (prepares you to be professional) Appealing to Ethos. There is good alignment throughout the page. There is nothing “fun” about the page, it gets straight to the point.
The purpose of the page is to help students identify which program they would find interesting.

There is a strong connection to Bemidji State as a whole, their identiy.

Description of Context

The site is written in third person. (“The college’s faculty members…”). Each of the three sites opens with a large picture of an older than average student. The site does not have as much content as the College of Arts & Sciences section, which consists of a large amount of content with a few links. The links are internal.

This site is really trying to “prepare” you for the outside world, and to convince a person that the programs at BSU are good programs that a person will need in the outside world. The site is written for students who are trying to decide if they want to go to school at BSU, people who want to know what kind of programs/majors BSU offers.

Each section is short and concise, in our digital world, we want the shortest, and quickest answers to our questions.

Each section is missing the links to the required courses for each major.

There are a few themes apparent between the three sites. Preparing people for the real world and opening up peoples eyes to new things. This can be seen by paragraphs about “Focusing on People, Communities and Civic Engagement,” “Preparing Global Citizens,” “Preparing for and Ever-Changing World,” “Expanding Perspectives through the Liberal Education Core,” and “A World of Opportunity Awaits.” The site is basically saying, if you come to this school, we will teach you the things that you need to succeed in the real world. This will be taught by teachers to students.

There is a small section on each page that says, “Would you like to Give to the College of Business, Technology, and Communication?” One would have to know that people such as alumni donate to schools once they have made money. The site is letting people know that they do accept donations.

The audience are people trying to learn more about the different programs at BSU, or people trying to donate to the program.

One must assume that a “degree program” is a way to get a major or a minor in pursuit of graduation.

Each of these pages is from the Bemidji State Web site which is a part of the MNSCU system. Because this is a new site, the intention is to explain that there are 3 seperate colleges, each with different Deans. These Deans are listed on the left hand side of each page with a photo and contact information.

Characterization of the Context

Each of the three pages are very consistant. They each have a large banner picture on top with older people in the photo. Each of the pages has the same footer, with consistant links. Each site has cumbs at the top of the page to get back to the previous pages. Each page has consistant colors and text themes.

Each page has pictures of the Dean of that department on the left of the page. The pictures are all small and the same size.

Each page starts out with content and ends with a pathway page so people can find the information they are looking for easier. Some pages have more text than others.

Each page is written in an academic way, expressing the importance of being updated in this ever changing world. The pages also give the impression that BSU has all the different types of technology to stay updated with what is new, with the different programs they offer.

Each page puts empasis on differnt "buzz" words for example, excellence. The writing is free of emotions, business like and sparce.


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